Upgrade notes Version 2020.16

This Alto release went live on 6th August.

This article includes: 

Feature Improvements

Brief Your Market - Landlord Managed Services

The landlord managed services field in the Brief Your Market export is populated with ‘Yes’ if any of the properties owned by the landlord have a Management Type of ‘Managed’.


If none of the properties owned have a Management Type of ‘Managed’, i.e. Not Managed, Part Managed, Unspecified, Rent Collection Service or Let Only, this field is populated with ‘No’. 

Merge codes

The #tenancy_notice_address_landlord# merge code now includes company name. Therefore, when a company name has been entered on a landlord contact record, it will appear on a document using this merge code.

The most common use of this merge field is on the invoice template to show the landlord address as the tenant notice address for the service of documents.

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