Upgrade notes Version 2020.17

Chris Horroll
Chris Horroll
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This Alto release went live on 20th August.

This article includes: 

New Features

Improvements to the Enquiries Dashboard widget

The Enquiries Widget on the Main Dashboard has a new look. The widget displays unprocessed leads by source. You can click through to the enquiries dashboard to see details of each lead. The Enquiries dashboards will allow you to accept, decline or merge leads. 

For more information on Enquiries, click here



If there are no leads for a particular source, it will not be displayed in the widget

New Property Management Feature

New HSBC.net hex4w Bacs file format

Property Management users now have the option to create Bacs payment files in the HSBC.net hex4w file format. This new Bacs file format is similar in format to the HSBC.net format but the F03 field is output as 'payment'.

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