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Rolling screens allow you to run a continuous display of your properties in your shop window. You can select the properties you want to show based on a range of search options, or, use match groups to select the properties you want to promote. 
For more information on Creating a match group for properties, click here

The steps below outline how to set up rolling screens, how to change the information that is displayed and how to include a price qualifier such as price on application, when needed.

This article includes: 

Set up Rolling screens

  1. Click Tools on the main toolbar
  2. In the dropdown menu, click Templates and admin
  3. On the side menu, under System Tools, click Export
  4. In the Search top tab, properties can either be selected based on Status, Areas, Rooms, Land & Parking, Property Types and Features
    1. Alternatively, click the Groups top tab and select a pre-defined Match Group
  5. Tick any Matching Properties 
  6. If required, tick Add Property Qualifier to Price to display this when the property is displayed
  7. Click Download


    If it's the first time you're setting up Rolling screens, it'll download a copy of the Rolling screens .zip file program, RollingV2.exe. Once downloaded, a shortcut can be set so you can easily use it in future. You'll need to extract the files and save them to a folder which you can name, e.g Rolling screens

  8. Extract the files and ensure the rsdata.xml file and the Images folder (which has a long name reflecting the date and time - 20200817165638) are in the same folder as the RollingV2.exe file
  9. Double click the application RollingV2 to start Rolling screens

Always save future downloads to the same folder.

 Did you know...

You can create a shortcut on your desktop to run it.  To do this, right click on the RollingV2.exe file and click Send to Desktop (Create Shortcut)

Running Rolling screens for the first time

  1. Click Vebra Alto, if prompted
  2. Select the folder you created, e.g Rolling screens
  3. Rolling screens runs 

Updating the content of Rolling screens

It's easy to update the content of the Rolling screen. 

  1. Follow the same process as you did to create the first set of properties and click Download
  2. Extract the files and save them to the same folder. When prompted, replace the previously saved file
  3. Run rolling screens again

Changing the settings of Rolling screens

 To access the settings for rolling screens:

  1. Right click on the rolling screen while it's running
  2. From here, you can:
    1. Change the logo
    2. Turn off the advert banner, or
    3. Edit the colours

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