PropertyFile Upgrade notes - Applicant Portal

This PropertyFile release went live on 2nd September.


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PropertyFile is an online platform which has been integrated with Alto.  It connects you with your customers, allowing you to provide a better level of customer service and makes your agency stand out from the crowd. It allows you to keep your customers informed and engaged throughout the lifecycle of their property sale / letting journey. 

We are pleased to announce that in this upgrade we have released the next phase of our PropertyFile journey, 'Applicant Portal’. The Applicant portal aims to complete your customer journey allowing applicants to view their rental and sales offers and viewings from one place up to the point of offer acceptance. 

This release includes a new way for you to integrate Alto with applicants' leads from your website. Your website administrator can add a button to your website. This will enable customers to arrange a viewing for properties uploaded to your site from Alto. The customers viewing enquiry will then display on your Alto dashboard, where you can turn the request into a diary appointment.

For more information on PropertyFile, please click here to view the Help Centre.

Activating PropertyFile - Getting Started

PropertyFile first needs to be activated on your Alto account. 
For more information on Activating PropertyFile, click here
For more information on PropertyFile configuration, click here

Enabling the Applicant Dashboard

If you are already using PropertyFile, you'll need to enable the Viewings widget.  

  1. Login to Alto
  2. Click Tools on the main toolbar
  3. On the side menu, under System Tools, click PropertyFile
  4. On Alto PropertyFile Administration, click the Pencil alongside your Domain
  5. The PropertyFile Dashboard will open. Click Manage Modules on the side menu
  6. Scroll down to Applicant Dashboard and slide the toggle to On
  7. Click Save
  8. Click Confirm
  9. This allows you to turn on Progression - Applicant and Request Viewings Online. Follow steps 6 - 8 to turn these two modules on

Once on, you can access Advanced Configuration and configure the Applicants Dashboard.  

  1. Click Advanced Configuration on the side menu
  2. You can choose what the applicants can access from their PropertyFile from here
    1. Use the toggles to select or de-select as appropriate and click the relevant tickbox(es) to activate them
  3. If you make any changes, click Save and then Confirm

Inviting a contact to PropertyFile


Once you have switched on the Applicant Dashboard module, you'll see the PropertyFile side menu option on applicant contact records, if the applicant is linked to a branch that's included in the PropertyFile Domain.

For more information on Activating PropertyFile, click here

Client contacts will see the Applicant Portal if they have an active intention (i.e. any intention except “Not Looking”). You can invite a contact to PropertyFile from their contact record.  

  1. Click Contacts on the main toolbar
  2. Select the relevant contact from Recent & Favourite Contacts
    1. Alternatively, find the contact using the Search Contacts bar in the top right
  3. Click PropertyFile on the side menu
  4. Click Send invite

Once you have sent the invite, the applicant will receive the invite email, where they can log in and set their own password.

Once the initial activation request has been processed, you'll be able to click: 

  • Resend Invite - Resends the invite if the applicant didn't receive the invitation email 
  • Deactivate Account - Removes the applicants account from PropertyFile 
  • Login as Admin - Allows you to login to their PropertyFile account

The Applicant Portal

The Applicant Portal on PropertyFile allows the applicant, buying or renting, to view their viewings, offers, and the progression of any sale/letting.  


The Dashboard shows an overview of the applicants viewings - Booked, Awaiting Confirmation and Past.

Any Upcoming Viewings will be listed on this page and can be clicked into from here.  

Cancel Viewing

Here, your customers can cancel any viewings which are yet to take place. This will trigger an email to your agency to action the cancellation in Alto. The customer will be updated when you cancel the viewing in Alto.


The Viewings tab shows the applicant more information about their viewings.  

Any Past Viewings can be accessed and customers can make an offer for a property they have seen. This triggers an email to your agency where you can then process the offer within Alto. The customer will be updated when you enter the offer in Alto.


The Applicant Portal will be accessible for all applicants and will show them all offers for Sales and Lettings properties.


  • Sales Applicants will have access to the Sales Progression tab once their sales offer has been accepted
  • Lettings Applicants will have access to the Tenant Portal once their lettings offer has been accepted and the Tenancy has been completed

Configuration of the Viewing Widget

There are two widgets that can be used on your website with PropertyFile.  The Viewings widget, and the Valuation widget.  


Both of there require a small amount of additional code to allow the PropertyFile widgets to work.  Whether you manage your own website or your site is managed by a developer, the instructions are easy to follow.  

  1. Click Tools on the main toolbar
  2. On the side menu, under System Tools, click PropertyFile
  3. On Alto PropertyFile Administration, click the Pencil alongside your Domain
  4. The PropertyFile Dashboard will open. Click Manage Modules on the side menu
  5. Scroll down to Request Appraisals Online and Request Viewings Online and slide the toggle to On
  6. Click Save
  7. Click Confirm

Once enabled, you will need to generate an API key.   

  1. Click either Request an Appraisal or Request a Viewing on the side menu
  2. Click Generate a new key 
  3. Under Authorised websites, add in the website address you wish to install the widget on (your website address, including https://)
    1. If this is left blank, you can use the widget on multiple websites 
  4. Share the API key with your web developer
    1. Download PDF will download a .pdf of the API which you can attach to an email and send to your web developer
    2. Share via email is the recommended option. This will launch your email client and allow you to send the instructions to your web developer


We recommend you copy the API key, click Share via email, paste the API key into the body of the new email and send. The Viewing widget requires the PropertyID which is available from the Alto DWS feed, used to populate the properties on your site

You will need to repeat this action for both the viewings and appraisal widgets.

Configure Office Hours

When you've enabled the Request Appraisals Online or Request Viewings Online modules, all branches in the PropertyFile domain will have the default time slots set to 9am - 5pm Monday to Saturday.

If you want to amend the availability time slots:

  1. Click Tools on the main toolbar
  2. On the side menu, under System Tools, click PropertyFile
  3. On Alto PropertyFile Administration, click the number below your Branches
  4. On the Summary tab, a list of your Selected branches will display. Click the Office Hours tab
  5. Click Edit against your selected branch
  6. Amend the availability From and To times that clients can request an appraisal
    1. Click + if there is a break in your availability
  7. Click Save 

An applicant books a viewing

From your website, if you have the Viewings widget enabled, potential applicants can book a viewing from a property by using the time slot options that are presented to them.

  1. The applicant chooses 3 time slots and clicks Next 
  2. They then have the option to log into their PropertyFile account or Continue as a guest.  In this example, the applicant continues as a guest
  3. They fill in some basic property requirements, these will change depending on if the property is Sales or Lettings
  4. They then click Continue 
  5. They have the option to confirm their viewing times along with a warning reminding them not to attend the viewing until they have received confirmation, as this is not confirmation of a viewing  
  6. They can then click Confirm

Once they confirm, they'll be presented with a confirmation screen telling them their viewing request has been sent. They can either return Back to property or go to My account. 

If they have requested the viewing as a guest, they will not be able to access their account yet so you will need to confirm the viewing and invite the applicant to PropertyFile before they can access their account.

Confirming the viewing in Alto

Viewing requests from the website are managed from Enquiries on the Home screen side menu.

  1. Login to Alto
  2. Click Enquiries on the Home screen side menu (3 small concentric circles)
  3. Click Viewing Enquiries 
  4. The new viewing request will be listed. Click the magnifying glass to expand the information

Booking a Viewing

  1. Using the dropdown menu, click the relevant Negotiator who will be attending the appointment 
  2. Click on the appropriate time Slot (this will be inactive for potential duplicates)
  3. The Viewing window opens with the property, applicant, negotiator and viewing times pre-populated. You can adjust the viewing time and negotiator before you click Save Viewing

Dealing with duplicates and confirming the viewing time

There are 3 possible status for duplicates that appear on the right hand side of the Viewing Enquiries section of Enquiries.  

  • Known Contact is when an applicant has logged into their PropertyFile account at the point of requesting the viewing
    1. Click one of the times they have requested
    2. In the Viewing window, click Save Viewing
  • New Contact is when an applicant has clicked Continue as guest when requesting the viewing and doesn't have a PropertyFile account, a contact record within Alto, and isn't a possible duplicate
    1. Click one of the times they have requested
    2. Alto asks if you are happy to accept the contact. Click Yes to proceed
      1. You can invite the applicant to PropertyFile from here, if required
    3. In the Viewing window, click Save Viewing
  • Possible Duplicate is when an applicant might already have a PropertyFile account or a contact record within Alto
    1. Click the magnifying glass
    2. Check what the applicant has Matched On
    3. If you're happy, click Merge
      1. You can also click Preview to open the contact record on the right hand side (click Open Contact to open the full contact record)


The Actions dropdown menu on the far right gives you the option to Decline and Email & Decline the viewing request.  

  • Decline will decline the viewing
  • Email & Decline will open an email which can be edited. Click Send to send the email and decline the viewing request

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