Adding flashes on brochures and window cards

Chris Horroll
Chris Horroll
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A flash item is a banner which can be placed over the top of a brochure such as a Sold STC or Let banner. 

Before you start the process of uploading a flash item, you'll need to switch on the Customise brochure feature. Once you've done this, you must create your flash item in a program outside of Alto, ensuring it's saved as an image.

This article includes: 

Adding the flash image to Alto


In order to add the flash image in Alto, you will need access to System Administration, to edit your default settings. Your appointed Group Administrator will have access to these permissions

  1. Click Tools on the main toolbar
  2. On the side menu, under System Tools, click System Administration
  3. Click Group Settings
  4. Scroll down to the Media Items section and click Upload New File
    1. In the Caption field, type the name of the flash
    2. Media Type - In the dropdown menu, click Public Image 
    3. Sub Type - In the dropdown menu, click Logo
    4. Tick Printable Library Image? 
    5. Click Choose file, locate the flash image on your computer or network that you have already created and want to upload. Click Open
    6. Click Upload

Adding the flash image 

  1. Click Property on the main toolbar
  2. Select the relevant property from Recent & Favourite Properties
    1.  Alternatively, find the property using the Search Properties bar in the top right
  3. Click Docs
  4. In the dropdown menu, click Brochure Setup or Window Card Setup
  5. The Property Brochure window opens. Use the dropdown menu and click the relevant brochure style from the list to which you want to add the flash image
  6. Click Customise
    1. Click on the brochure itself to change the options on the toolbar
    2. Click Add Section 
    3. In the Choose Type popup window, click Library Image
    4. Scroll down the list of media until you find the flash image you require. Click the appropriate one
    5. Click OK
  7. The flash image you selected now appears 
    1. If your image doesn't appear, on the side menu, click Z-Index
    2.  In the dropdown menu, click 3 - Top Most
  8. Move the flash image to the correct position on the page
  9. Hover over the corners and sides and click to increase or decrease the size 
  10. Click Save


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