When you send an email from Alto, we pass the email to Sendgrid and they are then sent from the Sendgrid servers.

When the emails are received by the recipient, their security software will check the validity of these e-mails. Due to the process of how these e-mails are sent, they can be perceived as spoof mail as they are sent on behalf of the agent by Sendgrid. To verify the email is genuine, a check is done against the agents domain txt records, otherwise known as SPF (Send Policy Framework).  If sendgrid.net isn't included on the SPF records, this will reduce the chances of your email being received by the intended recipient.  

What do you need to do? 

To add us into your SPF records, you'll need to speak to your IT provider and ask them to add in the following to your SPF/TXT records;  include:sendgrid.net 

Below is an example of how it'll appear in an SPF record: 



An SPF value will sometimes appear with a unique reference number before it, e.g u12345678.w123.sendgrid.net.  This is created at the discretion of your IT provider, not Alto

For more information, please see https://sendgrid.com/docs/glossary/spf/.

How do you know that this hasn't been done already? 

We can check your TXT records in the same way that the email clients do and confirm for you if they have been updated, but this can also be done by your domain provider.
For more information on SPF records, please see sendgrid's website.  

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