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This Alto release went live on 12th November.

This article includes: 

New Features

Save time by automating your viewing feedback requests

In this release, if you have the Viewing Feedback module enabled, Alto will automatically request feedback from applicants 30 minutes after a confirmed viewing has taken place. If you want to switch this automation off, you can do it in the New Configuration page, by sales or lettings for even greater control. Here, you can also decide to automatically share this feedback with your vendor or landlord through their portal, but this will be off by default.


Applicants can send feedback without being registered with PropertyFile

PropertyFile is an online platform which has been integrated with Alto. It connects you with your customers, allowing you to provide a better level of customer service and makes your agency stand out from the crowd. It allows you to keep your customers informed and engaged throughout the lifecycle of their property sale / letting journey.

To access this great time saving feature, please switch on the Viewing Feedback module from your PropertyFile Microsite. If you have already switched on the Viewing Feedback module, requests for feedback will automatically be sent out 30 minutes after the viewing has passed.

For more information, please click here to see the PropertyFile section within the Help Centre.
If you haven't yet activated PropertyFile, click here for more information.
For PropertyFile configuration, click here 

Enabling the Viewing Feedback module

If you are already using PropertyFile, you will need to switch the Viewing Feedback module on to capture feedback directly from the applicant.

  1. Log in to Alto
  2. Click Tools on the main toolbar
  3. On the side menu, under System Tools, click PropertyFile
  4. Click the pen icon to open your microsite configuration
  5. The PropertyFile Dashboard will open. Click Manage Modules on the side menu
  6. Switch Viewing Feedback to On
  7. Click Save
  8. Click Confirm

Viewing the Feedback Configuration page

The configuration page will be set up with predefined defaults. This means that when the Viewing Feedback module is switched On, feedback requests will be sent out automatically.


When the feedback is received, this isn't automatically shared with the owner

  1. Click Tools on the main toolbar
  2. On the side menu, under System Tools, click PropertyFile
  3. On Alto PropertyFile Administration, click the number below your Branches
  4. On the Summary tab, you will see a list of your branches which are in the
    PropertyFile domain. Click edit against the branch, the screen below will


Automated email switched on

Emails will be sent to applicants when the setting - “Automatically email applicants
for feedback 30 mins after a viewing” is set to true.

  • Feedback requests will only be sent out for viewings that have been
    confirmed with an owner
  • All applicants attending the viewing will receive a request for feedback;
    providing they have a valid email address
  • Once feedback is received from an applicant, the feedback request is closed

Details of the feedback request will be shown in the following locations:

  • Property Timeline
  • Applicant Timeline
  • "Get Applicant Feedback" task
  • Tasks widget: Viewing tab
  • Viewing card


Applicant Timeline entry


The Viewing card

Requesting feedback (customer view)

When feedback has been requested, the applicant will receive an email asking them
to click on a link which will open the form below:


Applicants with access to PropertyFile can view their submitted feedback via Applicant Portal. You will be able to view the feedback in Alto.

Viewing Feedback In Alto

When the customer has submitted Viewing Feedback, it will be reflected in the
following locations:

  • Applicant Timeline
  • Property Timeline
  • 'Get Feedback from Applicant' and 'Relay Feedback to Vendor' tasks
  • Tasks widget
  • Viewing card


The Viewings tab within the Tasks widget


The Viewing card

Automatically copy feedback to the owner(s)

If the setting: Automatically copy feedback received via the Portal is set to true, then feedback received will be automatically copied to the “Feedback for the Owner” field. Owners with access to Vendor / Landlord portal will be able to view the feedback entered in the “Feedback for the Owner” field.

Alternatively, you can click on the >> to copy the text from the “Applicant Feedback” field to the “Feedback for the Owner” field, where it is not set to automate. Feedback in the "Feedback to Owner" field will be shared with the vendor / landlord automatically if they have been invited to PropertyFile.

Feature Improvements

Add additional email domains for validation

If you haven’t already validated your email domain to improve the deliverability of your emails from Alto, do it today. If you have, but you use more than one domain in your company, you can now add more domains. A new row will appear for you to add additional domains once you have clickedEmail Me.

Go to Group Settings, Configure your domain, and add new domains here. You will now notice that there is also validation on the domain field, so that if the domain isn’t recognised, you are prompted and asked if you wish to continue - just in case you have mistyped your domain.

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