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PropertyFile is an online platform which is fully integrated with Alto and comes as standard as part of your Alto subscription.

PropertyFile streamlines buyer, seller, landlord and tenant communications into one online journey, allowing you to keep your customers informed and engaged through the life-cycle of their property sale or letting journey. By being better connected with your customers, you'll also be providing an increased level of customer service.

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What are the benefits of using​ PropertyFile

  • Customer transparency - PropertyFile is tailored for your customers giving them a 24-7 online solution for their sale or tenancy, whilst also providing access to documents, payments, feedback and maintenance requests
  • Document sharing - Share any uploaded tenancy documents (pdf's/images) with landlords and tenants
  • eSigning - All documents created within Alto can be e-signed by the relevant stakeholders (potential tenants, tenants, landlords, vendors, and guarantors) in PropertyFile 
  • Reduced admin time - All of your customer communications are consolidated into Alto, meaning less time spent duplicating tasks. You can also send automated requests to your leads for feedback after viewings are booked, attended or cancelled

What features are included with PropertyFile

Once your customers have been invited to PropertyFile, they will receive an email directing them to your company's branded PropertyFile microsite where they can create their own password and activate their account.

Depending on how you have configured PropertyFile:

  • Vendors, via the Vendor Portal, can
    • stay up to date with viewings on their properties
    • view any offers that have been accepted or declined, as well as view the sales progression once an offer reaches that stage
    • assess their property performance
  • Landlords, via the Landlord Portal, can can
    • view their account online and download documents 24 hours a day, such as their landlord statements
    • view key information about their properties
    • view details of scheduled and past viewings
    • keep an eye on any maintenance jobs which are needed
  • Tenants, via the Tenant Portal, can
  • Applicants, via the Applicant Portal, can
    • request viewings at their preferred time
    • view details of any past, present or future viewings they have scheduled, in addition to offering feedback on them
    • submit offers 24 hours a day, without the need to phone the branch
    • view sales and/or lettings progressions

To get started on your PropertyFile journey, you'll need to activate it.
For more information on Activating PropertyFile, click here

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