PropertyFile is an online platform which has been integrated with Alto. It connects you with your customers, allowing you to provide a better level of customer service and makes your agency stand out from the crowd. It allows you to keep your customers informed and engaged through the life-cycle of their property sale/ letting journey.

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PropertyFile allows you to offer your customers access to their own portal while staying in control of what's shared.

Once you have invited your customers, landlords, vendors, tenants or applicants to PropertyFile, they will receive an email directing them to your company's branded PropertyFile site where they can create their own password and activate their account.

  • Landlords will be able to download their statements, view their account online 24/7, have access to key information about their properties and keep on top of any maintenance jobs
  • Tenants have access to the timeline that keeps them informed every step of the way. They can report maintenance issues that keep their property in good shape and they can find all their tenancy details in one place
  • Vendors will be able to stay up to date with viewings on their properties and they will be able to see what offers have been approved or declined, as well as viewing the sales progression once the offer gets to that stage
  • Applicants will be able to request viewings, see all of their viewings: past, present and future, as well as offer feedback on those viewings. They will also be able to put in offers and see sales and/or lettings progressions

We have given you full control over what is shared or hidden via the control panel. Your profile can be configured to your requirements.

An addition to PropertyFile is the Automated Viewing Feedback feature. Each branch can decide if they automatically email their customers 30 mins after a viewing, requesting feedback. This feature is set to on as default and will automatically email a customer after a confirmed viewing. This can be for either sales or lettings. In addition, there is the option to decide if a copy of the feedback is also sent to the owner. This feature is optional and has to be turned on. 

Viewing feedback requests can be sent again if there has been no response to the initial request. If an email address has been changed on the system, the request will automatically go to the new email address with no need to go in and change it manually.

The feedback information is on the contacts Timeline, in the viewing record and in the property Timeline.

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