Automated Viewing Feedback

PropertyFile is an online platform which has been integrated with Alto. It connects you with your customers, allowing you to provide a better level of customer service and makes your agency stand out from the crowd. It allows you to keep your customers informed and engaged throughout the lifecycle of their property sale / letting journey.

The latest feature now available in Alto allows you to save time by automating your Viewing Feedback requests. In this latest release, each branch will have the option to decide if they want to automatically send a request for feedback from applicants 30 minutes after a confirmed viewing has taken place. It also gives you the option to have a copy of the feedback sent to the owner/landlord of the property.

This great time saving feature is available to all applicants, even if they haven't registered with PropertyFile, and is accessible through the PropertyFile microsite. You have the flexibility to configure your requests through either sales, lettings or both. 

The configuration page for this feature is set up with predefined defaults. This means the viewing feedback module is switched on unless you choose to turn it off. The option of sending a copy of feedback is off by default and would need to be turned on should you wish to use it.

When feedback has been requested, applicants will receive an email asking them to click on a link which will open a form giving them the option to rate the property on it's location, condition, price and to let the agent know whether they are interested in the property. Applicants who have access to PropertyFile will be able to see their submitted feedback via their Applicant Portal.

Details of the feedback request are available to view in the following locations:

  • Property Timeline
  • Applicant Timeline
  • "Get Applicant Feedback" task
  • Tasks widget: Viewing tab
  • Viewing card

There is an additional option to manually send requests for feedback again. If the applicant hasn't sent their feedback, you can send the request again. If there has been a change of email address, the feedback request will automatically be sent to the updated email address.

For more information on the Automated Viewing Feedback process, click here

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