Upgrade notes Version 2020.24

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This Alto release went live on 26th November.

This article includes: 

  • Feature Improvements
  • Property Management Feature Improvements

    Feature Improvements

    Find out which of your contacts have been invited to PropertyFile

    We have introduced a Client PropertyFile Status Report which, you can find when you go to Reporting > Applicants > PropertyFile Status Report.

    This report will list all contacts who are eligible to be invited to PropertyFile, based on the modules you have switched on. The report outlines your contact’s current PropertyFile status and which portals they can access when they log in. If a contact is active with PropertyFile, you will also see when they last logged in.


    You have the option to filter this report based on criteria such as the contact’s:

    • Branch
    • Registration date
    • PropertyFile status

    Warning note when validating email domains


    When you validate your email domain to improve the deliverability of your emails from Alto, you will now be reminded of the steps you need to take before clicking ‘Validate’. This is to make sure the validation doesn’t fail for the wrong reasons


    Full address and price qualifier now on Periodic Activity Report

    The Periodic Activity Report now includes the property’s full address and the price qualifier so that when the vendor or landlord reviews this document, the information included on their property is full and complete.


    Property Management Feature Improvements

    New Lloyds Commercial Bacs file format

    Property Management users now have the option to create Bacs payment files in the Lloyds Commercial file format.  


    Bacs Payment Date+’ must be set to a minimum of 2 days for the relevant client bank account in System Admin>Client Bank Accounts

    Example file including two payments:


    D,20201103,Alto account reference,203040-12345678

    C,894.78,87654321,309134,Account Ref,

    C,155.31,05678123,419873,Account Ref,



    The header row in the file has the following fields:

    1. - H
    2. - file creation date (YYYYMMDD)
    3. - unique sequence number


    The Debit row in the file has the following fields:

    1. - D
    2. - payment date (YYYYMMDD) - today’s date plus no. days specified in System Admin>Client           Bank Accounts>Bacs Payment date
    3. - client bank account reference (max 18 chars)
    4. - client bank account sort code and account number e.g. 123456-12345678


    Each credit (payment) row in the file has the following fields:
    1. - C
    2. - payment amount
    3. - beneficiary (contact) bank account number
    4. - beneficiary (contact) bank sort code
    5. - beneficiary (contact) bank reference

    Trailer record:

    1. - T

    New New Allied Irish Bank iBulk CSV Standard format

    Property Management users now have the option to create Bacs payment files in the Allied Irish iBulk CSV standard file format.

    Example file including two payments:

    “HENRY MOSS”,”938611”,”23779933”,3.33,”TEST REF FOR HM” 

    “VIC WISE”,”126011”,”29993756”,3885.55,”TEST REF FOR VW” 


    Each payment in the file has the following five fields:

    1. - Beneficiary (contact) bank account name
    2. - Beneficiary (contact) bank sort code
    3. - Beneficiary (contact) bank account number
    4. - Payment amount
    5. - Beneficiary (contact) bank account reference (or roll number)