Printing address labels

Verity Stanford-Tuck
Verity Stanford-Tuck
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These instructions are written for use with Microsoft Word 2016 for Windows. Other versions of Word may have a different layout

  1. Click Reporting on the main toolbar
    1. For Vendor addresses, click Property in the side menu under Reporting Groups. Click Current Stock All under Property Reports
    2. For Applicant addresses, click Applicant in the side menu under Reporting Groups. Click Applicants Registered
  2. You can select from several Report Options under Your Report to filter and configure the report accordingly
  3. Expand Report Columns
    1. For Vendors, uncheck all boxes except Owner and Property
    2. For Applicants, uncheck all boxes except Name and Address
  4. From the top of Your Report, click Export Excel
  5. Save the file. Make a note of the location that you have chosen to save the file to
  6. Open Microsoft Word
  7. Click Mailings
  8. Click Start Mail Merge, then select Labels from the dropdown menu
  9. Select the correct label vendor for the type of label you are using. Check the packaging of your label to obtain this information
  10. Select the Product Number of your labels. Check the packaging of your label to obtain this information
  11. Click OK. You should now see a template on screen for your labels
  12. Click Select Recipients then click Use Existing List
  13. Find the file you saved in step 5 and open it
  14. Ensure that there is a tick in First row of data contains column headers. Click OK
  15. Click into the Top Left label on screen
  16. Click Insert Merge Field then click on either Owner or Name
  17. Press Enter
  18. Click Insert Merge Field then click on either Property or Address
  19. Click Update Labels
  20. Click Finish & Merge then click Print Documents
  21. Select All then click OK
  22. Your labels should now be printing


Zoopla or any of its subsidiaries cannot be held responsible for any damage caused by printing on labels that are not compatible with your printer. For help using Microsoft Office products, or selecting labels that will work with your printer, please consult your IT support

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