Ordering property boards automatically

Property boards can be set up so that they're ordered automatically from your board contractor when a property’s status changes, i.e. when instructing a property or making a property Available.

You can however, also change the board on a property manually. 
For more information on Changing the board of a property, click here


  • You will need access to System Administration, to edit your default settings. Your appointed Group Administrator will have access to these permissions
  • You must also have a board contractor set up
    For more information on Setting up a board contractor, click here

  1. Click Tools on the main toolbar
  2. On the side menu, under System Tools, click System Administration
  3. Click Branches
  4. Click Edit alongside the relevant branch
  5. Scroll down to Board Management Enabled and Board Change Send Now Flag Default.
    Usually, Board Management Enabled is ticked by default, and you will need to tick Board Change Send Now Flag Default. Now, when a property's status changes, the board will automatically be ordered from your board contractor
  6. Scroll down and click Save

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