Using Charts

Alto enables you to create Charts, available from your home screen. You can configure a variety of charts which can be used to visualise reporting data, and can separate them between sales or rental activity depending on what chart you wish to create.

  1. Click the Home screen tab on the main toolbar
  2. Click Charts on the Home screen side menu
  3. The Charts page enables you to create your own reporting charts. Click the Add Chart icon mceclip0.png
  4. The Chart Options window opens and it's here you define the charts you want to set up.
    Using the dropdown menu:
    1. Select the Data to Display. This is where you define what your chart displays, i.e. Active Property, Branch Activity, Completed Sales etc
    2. Select your Chart Type, i.e. 2D Pie Chart, 3D Pie Chart, Horizontal Bar etc 
    3. Select the Branch. This is where you define if the chart is set up for All Branches or for a specific branch 
    4. Order By - Change the list order, i.e. Ascending or Descending
  5. Click Save


The Chart Options vary depending on your choice of Data to Display. Some allow you to separate Sale or Rent activity, set a specific time Period, and define specific Display Data

The chart displays accordingly.


Once a chart has been created, you can click the arrow to view it full screen.

You're also able to reconfigure your Chart Options at any time by clicking blobid0.png. This also gives you the option to click Delete Chart to remove it. 

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