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Chris Horroll
Chris Horroll
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This Alto release went live on 4th February.

This article includes: 

New Features

Send emails or SMS from a tenancy match group

You can create a group of tenancies based on specific criteria that you decide (i.e. Management Type or Tenancy Status). We have now added the ability for you to email or SMS landlords/tenancies for your list of tenancies; much like you can with property/contact match groups.

  1. Click Tenancy on the main toolbar
  2. Click Groups in the top left
  3. Create your own match group

The following actions are now available:


Viewing Cancellation Updates

When a Viewing is cancelled before it moves to the past, the reason was only visible on the Timeline. We have now revised the system so the viewing reason is available in Diary Notes as well as Internal Notes (only visible when the viewing is in the past).

Feature Improvements

PropertyFile customers will not see the Applicant tab if they are "not looking"

We have now amended Alto so PropertyFile users will only see the Applicant Portal when their contact record lists them as an applicant.

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