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Stationery templates are set up in the stationery designer with your header, logo and footer, then associated with each letter template to produce a complete document for Print, Email or eSign.

Whilst letter templates and the Letter Template Wizard deals with creating the text of the letters, i.e. the main content of the letter, the stationery designer is used to add the graphics and branding to the template.

To create a new stationery template:

  1. Click Tools on the main toolbar
  2. In the dropdown menu, click Templates and admin
  3. On the side menu, under App Tools, click Letter & Stationery Templates
  4. A list of all existing Letter and Stationery templates will display. Click Actions
  5. In the dropdown menu, click Create Stationery Template
  6. The stationery designer opens in a new tab in your browser.
    In the Add the First Page window that appears, select the page Size and Orientation for the new stationery template
  7. Click OK
  8. When the new page displays, click on to it. You can use the toolbar and sidebar controls to create your new template by adding elements to the page. If you click Add Section,
  9. The Choose Type box displays. These controls allow you to add said elements to the page:
    1. Content Area - Adds a new area into the template. You can edit the settings in the side menu and drag it into the correct position on the template
    2. Dynamic Text - You can select from Branch Fields and Doc Fields to add merge codes to your template, i.e. pull in brand and branch name, postcode etc
    3. Library Image - In the Library Image Browser, you can choose from your media images and place them on the template, i.e. your logo
  10. If you have an element selected, you'll have the following toolbar options available: 
    1. Clone Section - Creates a copy of the selected element 
    2. Delete Section - Removes the selected element
    3. Set as BG - Sets the selected element as the background
  11. Prior to saving your new stationery template, if you click off of the template (on to the grey part), you can also click:
    1. Rename Template
    2. Clone Template - Clone a stationery template
    3. Delete Template
    4. RAW Test - Previews the template using a RAW (unprocessed) format
    5. PDF Test - Previews the template as a .pdf document
  12. When you have finished creating and configuring your new stationery template, click Save
  13. Close the stationery designer tab in your browser

Your new Stationery Template appears in the list of Letter & Stationery Templates


At step 5, if the stationery designer doesn't open in a new tab in your browser, your pop-up blockers may be blocking it. Contact your IT team for changes to your pop up blocker settings

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