You can easily bulk delete contact groups. However, in order to do this, you must first create contact groups specifically for those you wish to delete. Any contact group created with a tick in the Personal Information Deletion field will appear within Groups and under the heading Groups Supporting Bulk Actions.
For more information on Setting up contact groups to Bulk Delete data, click here

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Bulk Delete action


The permission to use the Bulk Delete action will automatically be given upon deployment to anyone with the GroupAdministrator role.

To give this permission to any other user:

  1. Click Tools on the main toolbar
  2. On the side menu, under System Tools, click System Administration
  3. Click Group Roles
  4. Click Edit next to the relevant id
  5. Add the permissions for BulkDelete and DeletePersonData
  6. Scroll down and click Save

When you select a group marked for Bulk Delete, a new menu will appear called Bulk Actions. If you have the appropriate security access, when clicked, the dropdown menu will display the option to Bulk Delete.

  1. Click Contacts on the main toolbar
  2. Click Groups in the top left
  3. Scroll down and select a group under the heading Groups Supporting Bulk Actions
  4. Select the contacts that you wish to include. Tick the box at the start of a record to individually select them, or tick the box in the header to select all records
  5. Click Bulk Actions
  6. Click Bulk Delete
  7. A message appears stating Are you sure you would like to delete x records?
    The Yes button isn't available immediately as this is to give you time to contemplate the action you are taking. After 10 seconds, Yes appears
    1. Click Yes to delete all the records you selected
    2. Click No to exit the function. No records will be deleted

Any records that have been ticked will be deleted immediately. (If you selected all records, the contact group will now be blank).

Group Administrators will receive an email notifying them that a group of contacts has been marked for deletion. The email will include the name of the user that has carried out the delete.

Deleting large groups

When selecting groups of more than 5,000 records from a contact group, you will be notified that there is a limit of 5,000 records at any one time. If more records exist in the group, you can easily repeat the process until all are removed.

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