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This Alto release went live on 17th February.

This article includes: 

Feature Improvement

Create groups of properties based on completion date

To help you create groups of properties to send anniversary letters to, or build a picture of similar properties that sold within a timeframe, a Completion Date filter has been added to the Dates tab when creating or editing a group.


Easily send an email from a Progression

To make it more efficient for you to send an email from a progression, you can now do this directly from the @ symbol at the end of the person’s name.


Property Management Feature Improvements

Filter Tenancy Arrears by Management Type

To help you prioritise when chasing tenancy arrears from the Property Management Dashboard, we’ve added a Management Type column to the arrears list. This is the management type you have set on the property. Sort the list by clicking the arrows in the header, and work on your highest priority tenancies.

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