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When onboarding with Alto, you are required to complete details on an online form called My Account.

My Account contains a To-Do list where you are required to enter information and confirm decisions about how your Alto should be configured.

This article includes: 

How to access My Account

You will receive an email sent from which contains a link with your allocated username and password, to log in to your personalised My Account.

Copy and paste your login details rather than retyping them, as the system is case sensitive and any errors could prevent you from logging in. 

Accessing the To-Do List

  1. Log in to your My Account
  2. The Homepage will open with one or more tabs on the screen (if you have previous, or multiple orders with us, you may see more than one tab)
  3. Click on most current Order Number Tab, i.e. Alto-XXXXXX 
  4. Your Order Status page opens, containing your To-Do List

The To-Do List Explained

Your To-Do List comprises of a number of sections that you need to complete in order to allow the installation of Alto. 

  • To access and make changes to each part of the list, click Click Here to the right of each item
  • As you make changes, click Save to save the information you've added. It's important to click Save even if you haven't completed the entire form, so that your progress is saved for next time. If there's a part of the form that you cannot complete yet, please let your Onboarding Coordinator know


Once a section is complete, it will be indicated by a Green Tick. A Red Triangle icon signals that the area still needs your attention.


For more information on how to complete each item in the To-Do List, click the headings below. 

Your To-Do list comprises of: 

API Agreement

The API Agreement authorises us to set up a data feed from Alto to the online portals you advertise with.  To successfully complete this section:

  1. Log in to My Account and click the Order Number tab
  2. On API Agreement, click Click Here 
  3. Click API Agreement (in blue) to download and review the full API Agreement
    • Accept API Agreement - Tick the box to accept, and complete the details to confirm you're an authorised representative
    • Schedule 1 - The agent's website provider - Complete the details of the company who hosts and maintains your website.  This is so we can arrange for a data feed to be sent directly to them from Alto
    • Schedule 2 - Branches to be included in the datafeed - Add the list of names and postcodes for all the branches that will need to be included in these data feeds
  4. Click Save to sign off your acceptance of the API Agreement and your completed information


If you don't wish to feed to your website or online portals at this time, this form doesn't need to be completed

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Pre-Configuration details is where your branch and user information is added. To successfully complete this section, complete the following:

  1. Log in to your My Account
  2. On Pre-Configuration, click Click Here
    • VAT Registration number(s) - State whether your agency and/or branch is VAT registered and add the VAT number(s) (if applicable)
    • Offices / Match Area details - Add all branch office names, addresses, contact details and match areas of the locations you manage
    • User Names - Add each users Name, Login Name, Job Title, Primary Department, Primary Office, Email address and contact details.
      The Login Name must be an email address the user has access to, as this is used for password reset and other security related emails
    • Leads Sources -  Additional sources from where you get applicants and vendor leads - i.e. Specific Websites, Specific Property Portals such as Zoopla etc
  3. Click Save changes to save your completed information  


It's important to complete the Match Areas section - Match areas refer to the specific areas within which your branch(es) operates, i.e. the areas in which you market properties and the areas your applicants are interested in. These details are an integral factor in ensuring that the migration process is as successful as possible and it cannot start without them

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The Design page allows you to select your preferred Marketing Pack which contains a selection of pre-designed Brochures, Window Cards, a Browse Sheet, and master Letterhead template. Each pack provides a range of different sizes and orientations, covering common requirements and property sizes.

You'll be required to upload your logo, letterhead, and define your brands primary and secondary colours.
For more information on how we style templates, click here.

After submitting your preferences, our Design team will create the new Marketing Pack in your new Alto account.
For more information on our Onboarding Marketing Packs and Templates, click here.

Marketing Pack Selection
  1. Log in to My Account
  2. Click Design
  3. Click through Marketing Packs and Letters to browse a variety of marketing packs and their templates, that are available for you to choose from. Select your chosen pack
  4. Click View PDF on each marketing pack to view them in greater detail 
  5. Click Add once you have decided on the most suitable marketing pack
Custom Templates

If you prefer to use one or more of your current marketing packs template designs for your brochures, window cards or browse sheets, this is possible if you click the  Custom Template icon.  

Any custom templates will be included in the 10 template setup total.

  1. To add a custom template to either Brochures, Window Card or Browse Sheet, click Add below the Custom Template option under the relevant heading
  2. In My Selected Brochures Templates, click Upload a File to upload a .pdf file of your Custom Template 
  3. You can remove a selected template by clicking Remove under My Selected Brochures Templates

Minimum Custom Template Requirements

  • 300 DPI print quality graphics

As part of your Alto order, we will provide you with a standard pack of sales and lettings letters, all of which can be viewed from within the Design section of My Account.  These letters will be preloaded into Alto and are fully editable, the process for amending and adding additional letters will be covered during training.

To view the letters:

  1. Click Letters
  2. Click View PDF under Vebra Alto Standard Letters to display the standard templates available


You can choose to purchase an additional Letting Center Notices, Agreements and Letters Pack in addition to the standard pack of letters. Speak with your Onboarding Coordinator if you wish to do so.


General Details

The General Details section contains general design instruction which will be passed onto our Design team. To successfully complete this section, complete the following:

  • Fonts - Your preferred style of font to be used in all templates
  • Logos & Artwork - Click +Upload File to select your logos which will be applied to all created templates.  If you have multiple brands, ensure you ticket the tick box and upload artwork for all your brand
  • Letterhead - Click +Upload a File to select your letterhead, as these are required for the set up of a master document in Alto, onto which all email and letters will be created
  • Floorplan - The style of floorplan your agency uses when uploading to the portals or a brochure
  • Map - Your preference to include an image of a map or not on brochure templates
  • Pre-printed headed paper - Select if you will be using pre-printed headed paper printed from Alto
  • Notes & Design Preferences - The text box on the right side should be utilised to add any additional information, such as preferences or amendments which you wish to make to your selected templates, e.g. number of pictures on a template, using more or less information etc

Once you have completed all sections in General Details

  1. Tick the box to confirm you have chosen your marketing packs templates, specified requirements, and uploaded the necessary files to finalise your design requirements
  2. Click Save changes

For more information on our Onboarding Marketing Packs and Templates, click here
For more information on our Design Team - Professional Services, click here
For more information on Live Templates services, click here

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PropertyFile is an online platform which is fully integrated with Alto and comes as standard as part of your Alto subscription.

It will be set up with your Alto installation and you can then customise the features within it.
For more information on PropertyFile, click here

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Property Management and Accounts


If you do not offer Property Management, this section will not appear

Completing this form allows us to set up the accounting module as well as compile the relevant account and business details, onto Alto.

If you are waiting for your client account, Alto can be activated with sales and lettings modules only.

  1. Log in to My Account
  2. On Property Management, click Click Here to access and make changes
  3. Once you have made all the changes to the relevant sections detailed below, click Save changes
  • Click Yes/No as relevant to each question
  • Notes boxes allow you to add any additional information, i.e. the name of your deposit schemes, or your bank and VAT Registration number(s)
  • Click the dropdown menus and select the relevant information, as required 
Bank Accounts
  • A Client Account is a specific type of bank account that you open with your bank. Alto is Client Accounting software, and is designed to operate with a designated Client Account. You will need to check with your bank that you have a Client Account set-up, so that this can be used with Alto.
  • Click Add to complete additional bank account details if you operate more than one client account
Accounts Users
  • Click Add for each additional user who will have an Alto licence
  • Enter their Name and Job Title

The number of accounts users should correlate with the number of users on your order.

An accounts licence is required for paying out of Alto, and for statements and receipting. Any other tasks can be done with a standard property management licence.

Signed by
  • Tick the box to agree to the comment
  • Complete the notes boxes to fill in your First Name, Surname and Job Title

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