There are several reports available through Alto that can report on agency fees that have been charged and/or paid, and each will produce slightly different results.  Your accountant will be able to advise which report(s) they would like you to use.


These reports are only accessible to users that have full PM (Property Management) access

To locate these reports:

  1. Click Reporting on the main toolbar
  2. Click Property Management Financials in the side menu under Reporting Groups 

The two main reports are Processed Fee Analysis and Invoice Fee Analysis.

This article includes:

Processed Fee Analysis

This report contains information on all fees updated (i.e. paid) on Process Agency Fees. For most users, this is the main report used.

If you export it in Excel format, you can then sort/filter in Excel by the Charge Item column if you then want to report by charge item under different nominals in your business accounts software.
If you have charges that do not have an invoice number yet, this is because the invoice has been paid, but the invoice has not yet been produced (usually because the landlord statement has not yet been generated) – however a user would be expected to do this within 30 days.

This is better suited towards cash accounting entries for your fees in your business accounts software. This report will match what has been paid on on Process Agency Fees.

Invoice Fee Analysis report

This report contains information on all fees raised, irrespective of whether they have been updated/paid on Process Agency Fees or not. If you export it in Excel format, you can sort/filter in Excel in to various categories such as the Charge Item.

This is better suited to accruals accounting entries for your fees in your business accounts software. This will not match what has been paid on Process Agency Fees. This also contains a Property/Tenancy code column.

Other reports

There are two other reports you may find useful such as:

  • VAT Fee Analysis (Accrual) – Includes all management fee charge/credit transactions
  • VAT Fee Analysis (Cash) – Includes all fees processed/paid in full or part paid via Process Agency Fees

When producing the reports, you can choose your own date range and can also choose the order or grouping. However, you might find it easier to export to Excel or .csv to enable you to sort and group via a spreadsheet.


To report on management fees taken on managed properties, you have to produce two reports and combine them


There is not a single separate report to do this, so Alto will report on management fees but this report is not related to the property status

Within Reporting, Property Management, Landlord Property Tenancy Tenant List, you can filter for the management type of the property and then export to Excel etc.

Within Reporting, Property Management Financials, Processed Fee Analysis, you can export to Excel and report on the fees paid.

If you want to be able to export your fees in order to import them into your business accounting software for Making Tax Digital, you will need either of the following reports:

  • Fee Export (Accrual)
  • Fee Export (Cash)

For more information on the Making Tax Digital - User Guide, click here

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