Alto Onboarding journey overview

At the start of your onboarding journey, you will be provided a snapshot project plan. This plan will show you an 'at a glance' status update and due date for each step, and will be used in most communication relating to your set up. 

What does each task mean? 

Your snapshot project plan includes a number of tasks which have to be taken by either yourself or our onboarding team.  When that task is due, you'll get an email letting you know it's time to take the next step. 


Note if you are not migrating data from an incumbent CRM to Alto, steps relating to Test Data Migration or Data Migration Sign Off are not relevant

Here is what each step means: 

Attend Onboarding Kick Off

A Zoom video between the your business and your Onboarding Coordinator.  In this meeting, we discuss the onboarding process and you'll confirm some important configuration details.  You will also receive login details to My Account, where you will complete the remainder of your company information for input into Alto

Complete My Account

You are required to complete details on an online form called My Account.  This includes recording configuration decisions, important data and selecting preferences on branding.  The My Account record forms the basis of how Alto is configured and it is likely that a number of team members from your business will be required to input into it

Test Migration checklist and data grab

To map your data into Alto, we take a copy of data from your existing CRM to migrate it into a test Alto environment.  At this point you are required to complete the Test Migration Checklist by recording numbers from your current CRM numbers (such as number of contacts / properties / etc). Recording these now enables the data sign off process

Attend Test Data Migration Review - Kick Off

Because different CRMs hold data in different fields, it's important to check if your data has been mapped successfully into the test Alto account. Working with one of our Alto experts, they will walk you through the process of reviewing the data which has been mapped to the testing account, to check that it has been accurately mapped

Complete Test Migration Workbook

The Test Migration Workbook helps you validate that the test migration from your incumbent CRM to Alto was mapped correctly. You will have access to an Alto expert to answer questions if you need support

Sign off Test Data Migration

Once you have completed the Test Data Migration Workbook, you will sign off that the data has been mapped correctly

Alto Activated

Our team will arrange a date and time for the full and final extract of data from your existing CRM to be transferred to Alto.  During this time, we recommend no additional changes are made in your existing system

Team Training

Often occurring on the same day as your Alto Activation, one of our expert Software Trainers will attend an in-person or over Zoom training session with you and your team.  You will cover the basics of Alto, through to complex workflows.  Our trainer will answer any questions your team may have relating to Alto functionality.  We recommend a minimum of three days training to ensure your team are confident using Alto

Post Activation Tasks

Depending on your business there are a number of activities you will need to perform to ensure you are getting the most from Alto. These tasks will vary depending on the CRM you are moving to Alto from. It's likely however they will include:

  • Manually updating information such as accounts and media against properties which are not automatically migrated into your Alto
  • Ensuring portal and website feeds are active, and
  • Enabling Exchange integration and calendar export
Meet your Account Team

You will be introduced to the team who will be there to help as you continue your Alto journey. Our Account Managers will be there to help you with any subscription or business needs, whilst our Customer Support team can help with your technical troubleshooting

Each Status and their meaning

So that you can see at a glance where you are in the onboarding journey, you will see a status against each step in your onboarding in your email communications from our team as follows: 

  • Complete - This step is complete and there is no further action to take
  • Next Step - This step is due next, if the action that this it is against is assigned to you, your update email will be your prompt to complete, and will contain all the information you need to do so.  If it is assigned to us, we'll let you know when you can expect it to be completed
  • Blocked - This means that something is stopping the onboarding process and we can't proceed.  If this is the case, we will explain how this can be rectified

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