Alto Onboarding journey overview

Chris Horroll
Chris Horroll
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At the start of your Onboarding journey, you will be asked to complete the My Account portal.

After this, your Onboarding Coordinator will host a kick off call to discuss next steps.

Throughout the journey, your Onboarding Coordinator will go through each stage in more detail and advise next steps. This article breaks down the process into steps.

What does each task mean?

Your snapshot project plan includes a number of tasks which have to be undertaken by either yourself or our Onboarding team. 

When that task is due, you'll get an email letting you know it's time to take the next step. 


If you are not migrating data from a CRM to Alto, steps relating to Test Migration are not relevant

Here is what each step means: 

Complete My Account

You will be sent an email to your My Account program. You are required to complete details that provides us with information to progress your order for installation, compiling the relevant configuration decisions, account information, templates, branding and business details, onto your Alto system.

As My Account forms the basis of how Alto is configured, it is likely that a number of team members from your business will be required to input into it.
For more information on How to complete the Alto My Account page, click here

Attend Onboarding Kick Off

Your dedicated Onboarding Coordinator will contact you to arrange a convenient time for a 45-60 minute Zoom call. In this meeting, we discuss the Onboarding process and you'll confirm some important configuration details. 

Preparation ahead of the Migration Process

This is an opportunity to have a tidy up and ensure that you’re not transferring data that you no longer need. 

We recommend reviewing your active records and archiving or deleting those which you no longer require before your scheduled migration date, in addition to some further housekeeping.
For more information on Preparation ahead of the Migration Process, click here

Collecting your data and the Test Migration

To map your data into Alto, we take a copy of data from your existing CRM to undertake the "Test" Migration into the test Alto environment. Depending upon which CRM you are migrating from, your Onboarding Coordinator will advise how we need to collect the data. For some third party software's, you will need to contact them to provide the data to us.
For more information on The Migration Process, click here

Data validation reports

Once the data mapping is completed, we will supply you with a series of .pdf reports (1 page per record). The reports provide the core information for a number of active records chosen at random, limited to 5 records per status (Available, Under Offer, Let Agreed etc).

Should you find any discrepancies or errors, please raise them on the Migration Queries document. It’s important to add a screenshot from your source CRM so that we can compare this with Alto. We can then review any required changes to the data mapping.

All supporting documentation for this stage is available in your Google Drive, which your Onboarding Coordinator will provide access to.

Sign off Test Migration

After the Migrations team have looked into any data queries raised whilst testing the data, and have responded, you will be asked to refer back to your Migration Queries document to see these responses. You can then reply to, or sign off, the queries as required.

Before we carry out your live migration, we will require your data sign off. This lets us know that you have adequately reviewed the data validation reports and have raised all required queries, and that these queries have been resolved to your satisfaction.

Alto Activation

Our team will arrange a date and time for the full and final extract of data from your existing CRM to be transferred to Alto.

As with the Test Migration, we may require your involvement to collect the data from your existing CRM. After the point of the data grab, anything you add to your current CRM will not be migrated, therefore you will need to make manual notes of any changes that are made or any properties/viewings that are added. These will need to be added into Alto once you receive your logins.

When you receive your Alto logins, you can then update Alto with the changes made over the last few days. Please bear in mind that your media and some data may still be loading into the database.

When your media is migrated and you have checked your records, you can then advise your portals to move the feeds over to Alto.

Team Training

We offer comprehensive e-Learning and Video-style training free of charge via the Alto Learning Hub. The e-Learning consists of bite-sized interactive courses alongside on-demand Video content, which you can work through at your own pace. Fully responsive, our learning allows you to step through the training at a time and place that suits you with no time limit, and revisit the content at any stage to refresh your knowledge.

The Alto Learning Hub is also available 24/7 for independent learning. Use this to recap on training and for useful tips when using Alto.
For more information on the Alto Learning Hub, including FAQs, click here.

In addition, your Onboarding Coordinator will provide you with links to book your Alto Review sessions where you'll be supported with one of our expert Software Trainers. It’s important to complete the independent online learning prior to these sessions to ensure you get the most out of time spent with a trainer.

Post Activation Tasks
  1. View our Post Activation guide
  2. Configure your Alto database - your nominated person(s) should allocate time in their diary to watch our e-Learning course; System Admin Essentials
  3. Accounts Go Live - alongside the Alto Learning Hub content, these articles outline your Accounts Go Live Checklist and Opening Balances
  4. To help ensure emails sent from Alto are not marked as spam in recipients inboxes, the domain SPF records should be updated
  5. Plan uploading the letters you will want to send to your customers into your Alto account. It is important that you factor in sufficient time to this aspect of your Onboarding
    For more information, click here
Meet your Account Team

You will be introduced to the teams who will be there to help as you continue your Alto journey.

Our Account Managers will be there to help you with any subscription or business needs, whilst our Customer Support team can help with your technical troubleshooting.