After your Team Training, follow this Post Training guide to customise your Alto settings to suit your branch(es).

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Check all available properties

If you've had a data migration from another CRM, whilst you would've checked a range of properties as part of your Test Migration Review (TMR) to ensure their data was mapped correctly, there will still be a need to check the details of properties that are For Sale and For Rent, to ensure the price, summary and photos are correct and to set up a brochure.
For more information on Preparing the property to go on the market, click here

Initiate the portal feed

Once you've checked all your available properties and set up the brochure, contact your property portals to request the datafeed be switched to feed from Alto. If you would also like online enquiries and web statistics to feed through to Alto, these should be requested at this time. Then, submit a support ticket to request Support to complete the portal feed.

To submit a support ticket to the Support team:

  • Click Submit a request from the Help Centre to open up a contact form, or
  • Within Alto on the main toolbar, you can click Chat during office hours, and Help out of office hours, before clicking Leave a message

Create contact groups and applicants GDPR settings

If you had a data migration from another CRM, you may want to check the GDPR settings are set as consent granted for Property Matching. You can create a group of applicants based on their consent options.
For more information on Creating a group - consent features, click here

You may wish to create a new contact group of all applicants registered to a specific negotiator, or, a group of contacts in a specific position or disposal, i.e. cash buyer, property to sell etc.
For more information on Creating a group of contacts, click here

Edit standard letters

There are a number of standard letter templates already set up in Alto for you to use. These letter templates can be edited ad hoc when you create them, or the main template changed for all future occasions.

If you want to edit the main template or permanently add a .pdf to a template, you can do this if you:

  1. Click Tools on the main toolbar
  2. On the side menu, under App Tools, click Letter & Stationery Templates
    For more information on Amending a letter template, click here

Microsoft 365 integration

Email integration within Alto, sometimes referred to as Exchange Integration or CAMS (CA Messaging Service), is a great feature which allows email replies to be seen and actioned directly within Alto, and it automatically records them on the corresponding Timeline.
For more information on Setting up email integration (CAMS), click here

Standard Paragraphs

Creating a library of standard paragraphs, standard SMS messages and standard emails can help save time when sending a similar email or SMS message, and when adding a paragraph to Rooms.
For more information on Creating a standard paragraph for Email, SMS and Rooms, click here

System Administration

You can customise and update your settings from one central place in Alto. In System Administration, accessed via Tools on the main toolbar, you're able to manage your staff members logins, edit your branch settings and edit your default settings.

Your appointed office Group Administrator will have access to these permissions.
For more information on Setting up default settings in Group Settings, click here

Default dashboard

If you are using Alto for marketing your property and also for Property Management, on the Home screen tab on the main toolbar, you'll have a Main Dashboard and a Property Management Dashboard. You can set one as your preferred dashboard, which will appear each time you navigate to the Home screen tab.
For more information on Setting your default dashboard, click here

Property Management and Accounts

If you will be using the Property Management and Accounts features, there is a specific checklist which covers the initial settings of each record, as well as preparing for the account function of opening balances.
For more information on Accounts go live - opening balances checklist, click here

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