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In Vebra/Encore Live, when editing a letter template, you can see the gaps between pages.

In Alto, you don't see this when editing the letter, however, you can use the Preview option to see if the letter text is fitting correctly to the page boundaries. 

If you need to start a new page in a letter, you're able to add a page break into your template to force a new page at a specified point, using the toolbar option called Page break.

The page break can be added when you are creating a new letter template via Tools, but can also be added to a letter, after it has merged, so it fits nicely onto your headed paper. 

To insert a page break into a letter template:

  1. Click Tools on the main toolbar
  2. On the side menu, under App Tools, click Letters & Stationery Templates
  3. Click the relevant Letter Template
  4. The Letter Template opens. Position your cursor in the place you want the page break to appear
  5. Click Page break on your letter toolbar


  6. #page_break# will be inserted in to the letter. Any content after the page break will be placed on a new page

  7. Click Preview to view the document on your letterhead to ensure it is positioned correctly
  8. Click Save

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