Navigating chain details and adding properties (Vebra to Alto)


In Vebra/Encore Live, chain details can be viewed from the Sales/offers chain progression screen. This will show (from top to bottom) the vendor and their solicitor, the property, then the buyer and their solicitor.

You can navigate up or down the chain by clicking on the relevant property address at the top or bottom of the Sales/offers chain progression screen:

In Alto, when opening the sales Progressions screen, the same information is shown so the vendor and their solicitor will be at the top of the screen, then the property, then the buyers and their solicitor.

To access a property's sale progression:

  1. Click Progressions on the main toolbar
  2. Click All Sales on the side menu
  3. Click the relevant sale from the list

To navigate up and down the chain, click on the properties in the Chain Overview section. As you select a property in this chain, the middle section, Chain Link Detail, updates to show you the parties involved in that particular sale. The currently selected property will appear in blue in the Chain Overview to indicate where you are looking at in the chain. Any actions you take on the selected property will then relate to just that sale in the chain.


Adding properties to the sales chain

In Vebra/Encore Live, it was possible to add properties into either the top or bottom of the chain by using the add external option in the Sales/offers chain progression screen:

With Alto, where it's aware of related internal sales, these will be automatically included in the Chain Overview; e.g. where one of your purchasers is also selling through your office, or one of your other offices, their property will appear linked beneath their property purchase in the chain, as long as the same contact record has been used.

For external sales, or where one of the parties involved in an external sale is also one of your vendors or purchasers, it is possible to manually add properties into the chain, above and below, by using the + buttons in the Chain Overview, as shown below:


  1. Click the + where you wish to add a property sale into your chain
  2. If you are adding one to an existing external sale in your chain, you will be asked who is marketing the property to add to this chain?. Choose whether the sale you are adding is Marketed by us or Externally Marketed
    1. If you select Marketed by us, you can select one of the purchasers properties as the new property to add to the chain
  3. If you select Externally Marketed, any unknown information about the sale to be added can now be added:
    1. Purchaser(s) details in the left column
      (In Vebra/Encore Live, it's necessary here to add a person record but in Alto, this isn't required. You can simply type in the name of the purchaser, along with their solicitors details and any relevant notes)
    2. The Property details in the centre column, and
    3. Vendor(s) details in the right column
      NB. Sale status is important as it affects the flash shown in the top-left corner of each sale in the chain, enabling you to see how far each sale has progressed

  4. Click Add Property to Chain and your new sale appears in the Chain Overview



External sales can be amended by clicking the pencil symbol, or removed, by clicking the red cross

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