Logging Calls and Notes, Email and Text options


In Vebra/Encore Live there are options to add File notes, Phone calls and send Text messages or E-mails from the Person and Property records.  All of these options can be found under the Event menus:

In Alto, all of these options are available from the Overview screen.  Log a Phone Call and Add a File Note are also available in the Actions menu.

To send a text message to the property owner:

  1. Click the owners name which will take you to their contact record, then use the appropriate icon as shown below

Text Message

Phone Call


File Note

When adding a phone call or file note, you can still link it to additional contacts or properties by searching for the address or contacts name, in the Add a contact/property search fields.

Once you've added in your Notes, you can also tick Update Last Contacted Date to update the last contact date, before saving. 

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