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In Vebra/Encore Live, brochures and window cards are produced by using the Output button ‘on demand’, therefore the information displayed is always matching the property record each time it is requested.  For example, if you changed the price of a property then requested the window card, it would show the new price immediately.

This functionality is exactly the same in Alto.

In Alto, all the options for setting and producing brochures and window cards are located in the Docs menu:


In Vebra/Encore Live, after entering a new property, you would use the Output option to preview the brochure and window card templates to find the best template fit for the property.

This is much the same in Alto, however, Alto has the ability to set a default brochure AND window card for each property, whereas in Vebra/Encore Live, you can only set a default brochure OR window card.

To preview the brochures or window cards on a Property record, from the Docs menu:

  1. Click either Brochure Setup or Window Card Setup
  2. Either the Property Brochure or Property Window Card window opens. This displays all of the templates you selected in My Account during your Alto onboarding phase

  3. Use the dropdown menu, or, click the next template image until the required template is selected in the middle of the screen
  4. Once this is done, click Preview (PDF) to view the template. If this template is not suitable, simply close the tab and try another until the best fit is found
    1. You also have the option to Customise the Property Brochure or Property Window Card
      For more information on Customising a brochure template for a property, click here
      For more information on Customising a window card template for a property, click here
  5. Once you are happy with a template, click Use this Template and the selected template is then made default (for that property only). You can still access brochure or window card setup at any time and select another template to use as the default

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