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In Vebra/Encore Live, the persons requirements could be added on the Requirements tab and you could choose between ‘Main requirements’ and also ‘Detailed requirements'. Once entered, you could click ‘quick match’ and a list of matching properties would be displayed under the requirements.

Main requirements

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In Alto, all of the contacts requirements are set on the Requirements tab on the Contacts record.

  1. Click Contacts on the main toolbar
  2. Select the relevant contact from Recent & Favourite Contacts
    1. Alternatively, find the contact using the Search Contacts bar in the top right
  3. Click Requirements on the side menu

Within the Search Profile, the Essentials section is where preferences such as the Intention, Price From/To, Bedrooms and New Build can be set.

The Match dropdown menu defaults to Unmatched so that only properties that haven't been sent to the contact will be displayed. This can be set to Matched or Either, and Either would be the same as using the Ignore previous matches and viewings option in the matching screen in Vebra/Encore Live


The Areas section is where property areas can be selected, and all the areas available will be shown under the All Areas heading.

In Vebra/Encore Live, it was possible to use Match Area Groups which would provide a way of grouping a set of areas under a heading. For example, the Match Area Groups name could be something like ‘Villages’ and this would contain all the village areas. The match groups would then display in the far right hand section of the main requirements, and double clicking the group area would then select the suitable areas in that group:

In Alto, the match areas can be found within the Areas section, where they are arranged in a ‘tree’ layout. Any match area group will have a small arrow next to it, which if clicked will then expand to show the areas within the group. 

If you tick or untick the match area group name (Villages in this example), this will either tick or untick all of the individual match areas within that match area group. You can also untick specific areas as required. 

Rooms, Land & Parking

The Rooms, Land & Parking section is where you can set the required number of Bathrooms, Receptions, Parking spaces, Floor Area and Land:

Property Types

The Property Types section is where you can set the required property types. These are arranged into a ‘tree’ similar to the match areas, rather than just individual property types as in Vebra/Encore Live. The advantage of this is that now you can quickly deselect a bunch of numerous property types with just one click. For example, if the contact doesn't want to move to a flat, you can deselect all the different types of flat. 

The property type groups can be expanded and modified if you click the small arrow next to the group name:


The Features section is where required and desired property features can be selected. This section works in a similar way to the required features in Vebra/Encore Live, however, the features are now organised into groups to make selection easier:

It's possible in Vebra/Encore Live (via system configuration) to configure the feature matching to match on ‘any’ matching feature, or ‘all matching features’. In Alto, these options can be found at the top of the Features section, within Match Mode:

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