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In Vebra/Encore Live, you can add notes about the sales progression in the Sales/offers chain progression screen using the Add note button:

In Alto, this option can be found in the bottom right corner of the Progressions screen, once you've selected the property sale.

  1. Click Progressions on the main toolbar
  2. Click All Sales on the side menu
  3. Click the relevant sale from the list
  4. In the Exchange & Completion Dates section, click Add Note


  5. The Add Transaction Note window opens. In the Involved Parties list, confirm which other Timeline(s) the note should be added to. Select and/or add other contacts using the search bar if required, or, untick parties to prevent the note being added to their Timeline
  6. Type any relevant notes into the Notes field
  7. If the note is in response to direct communication with the parties, we recommend you tick Update Last Contacted Date. This makes it clear on the parties' records when they were last spoken to
  8. Click Save

The new note appears in the progression Notes above and also in the Timeline(s) of the Involved Parties (the property, vendor and purchaser).
For more information on Adding a sales progression note, click here


In Vebra/Encore Live, there is a section within the Sales/offers chain progression screen to record key milestone dates for the vendor and purchaser:

Property sale progress and Purchaser sale progress is a useful way to see at a glance how far a sale has progressed.

In Alto, these milestones are also available within the Progressions screen, once you've selected the property sale.


The milestones within the Transaction Management section also have added functionality. This includes:

  • Ability to set a status of Pending, In Progress or Complete
    For more information on Completing a sales progression task, click here
  • Ability to set low, normal or high priority
  • Ability to cancel if not required
    For more information on Cancelling a sales progression task, click here
  • Ability to add, remove or amend milestones
    For more information on Updating sales progression target dates, click here
  • Ability to add ‘one off’ custom milestones
    For more information on Adding a custom sales progression task, click here

All the milestone tasks will be set as Pending at the start of a sale.

  1. Across the Vendor and Purchaser tabs, click the milestone task
  2. You can now:
    1. Amend the Status
    2. Amend the Target/Due date
    3. Amend the Priority (A High Priority task will show a red marker as shown in the image below)
    4. Add further Notes
  3. Click Save

Tasks marked as In Progress turn orange in colour, and when completed, change to green in colour and the progress bar for either Vendor or Purchaser will increment to show progress as a percentage value:

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