In Vebra/Encore Live, in the Sales/offers chain progression screen, there is an option to set a review date. This then displays in the review Office diary on that day:

In Alto, the same can be achieved by using Tasks on the sales Progressions screen.

To access a property's sale progression:

  1. Click Progressions on the main toolbar
  2. Click All Sales on the side menu
  3. Click the relevant sale from the list

To create a review date:

  1. In the Transaction Management section, click the + to display the task list
  2. The Create Task window appears. Select Deal Progression Review and click Next
  3. In the Create Deal Progression Review window, you can now set:
    1. The Status
    2. The required negotiator from the Assigned To dropdown menu
    3. The Target/Due Date
    4. The Priority
    5. Any additional Notes

  4. Click Save

This review will now appear in the Tasks widget.

  1. Click the Home screen tab on the main toolbar
  2. Click Main Dashboard on the Home screen side menu
  3. On the Tasks widget, click Reviews

  4. You can use the tick boxes to show or hide other reviews, as shown above.
    The timeframe filter can also be used to see what reviews are due Today and Older, Today Only, Overdue Only, Future Only etc
    For more information on Updating and completing tasks, click here

Once a review has been created, you're able to easily update the sale review date for a property purchase.
For more information on Updating the sale review date, click here

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