Using the Settings Tab in Email Templates

To save you time and help ensure that communication with your customers is on brand when sending an ad hoc email, you can now choose to use an Email Template in Alto.

This article will help you to use the Settings tab in Email Templates.

From the Settings tab you can modify general settings that apply to the entire message:

  • Content area width is the width of the area where content blocks are dropped.  Email marketing best practices state that it should typically be set to 600px or less


This is the maximum width that will be used on larger devices. When the device’s screen is smaller, the message will adjust automatically to it.

  • Content area alignment: set the body of the email to be aligned to the centre (default behaviour) or to the left. This setting will not affect the alignment of the content blocks in the email
  • Background colour: this is the message background colour. This setting is effective only for rows (and columns) where a colour has not been specified. Otherwise, the background colour specified for that content structure will be used
  • Content area background colour: this is the background colour for the content area. This setting is effective only for rows and columns where a colour has not been specified
  • Default font: this is the default font that will be used when another font family has not been specified. This setting affects all text set to use the global font
  • Link colour: this is the link colour. As above, this setting affects all text links set to use the default colour



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