Creating and editing Email Templates

In Alto, to save you time and to help ensure your communication to your customers is on brand, you can now select a template to use when sending an ad hoc email.

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Create a new email template

If you have read/write access for the Document Template permission:

  • Click on Tools
  • From App Tools, select Email Templates to see a list of the templates for your agency group
  • This can be filtered by branch and/or brand

One default email template will be automatically created for your group. It will contain merge codes for group logo and branch details in the header, and negotiator codes and branch details in the footer. There is a space for text in the body of the email.

  • Click Actions
  • Then Create Email Template
  • Select the relevant branch that the email template should be associated with
    • If you want the email template to be available to all users regardless of branch, leave the default as All branches
  • Select the relevant Brand, or leave the default as All Brands 


You can edit this template to meet your requirements but it is the default ‘blank’ template that will be used where no alternative template selection is made and you send an ad hoc email

Edit an existing email template

  • Go to Tools
  • Then from App Tools, select Email Templates 
  • Select the template you wish to edit from the list


If you decide to edit the default group template and change the branch associated with this template, a new group-wide template will be created in its place.  When you are logged in to a particular branch, the branch default template will be auto-selected in the drop down when selecting a template to send ad hoc.  If you are logged in to an alternative branch that doesn’t have a branch-specific default, the group-wide default template will be auto-selected

For information on how to format a new template click here 

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