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To save you time and help ensure that communication with your customers is on brand when sending an ad hoc email, you can now choose to use an Email Template in Alto

This article will help you understand the purpose of  Icons in the Content Elements.

When designing an email, several layouts can be created by combining icons or small images, often with some copy.  That is why the editor has an Icons content block for creating icon-based content. This block is also not restricted by row structures, allowing you more flexibility in your designs.

You can use Icons to create visual bullet lists, ratings, properties, logo galleries, etc.

To get started:

  • Drag the Icons content block into a row
    • A placeholder will fill the content block
  • Click on it to open the icon options in the sidebar
  • Click on Add new icon to add the first icon
    • A predefined icon will populate the block

  • Click on Change image to select an image from the file manager
  • To edit the image with our image editor, click on Apply effects & more
  • Repeat this process until you complete your icon collection


If you use the toggle to open More options, you'll find a couple of options specific to Icons content blocks

  • Add the Icon text to create an accompanying section of text that you can position on top, bottom, left, or right of the icon
  • Add a link for the icon and the image's alternate text
  • Click and drag to an icon in the panel to change the order when you have multiple icons

Scrolling down through the properties, you will see a few settings that are specific for Icons:

  • You can pick a size for icons
  • Decide the spacing between them
  • Apply additional padding that will affect all the icons

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