Changing the ownership of a property with an active tenancy

In Alto, the ownership of a property cannot be changed if there are open transactions against it. Therefore, when changing ownership, you may experience a message regarding "open transactions".

In order to remove this message, you'll need to check the following:

  • Property and ledger balances should be zero. Nothing should be awaiting payment to the landlord or supplier(s)
  • The Process agency fees screen should have no entries relating to the property. If there are, you'll need to update them
  • Make sure any suppliers waiting to be paid for the property have been paid
  • Remove any tenancy rent arrears
    • On the tenancy ledger, click the ... (3 dots) next to any outstanding charge lines
  • See if there is anything on the landlord payment screen (check all payment groups just in case)
  • The other possibility is that payments to the landlord or supplier are either sitting on the BACS screen or on the bank reconciliation - these need to be reconciled AND updated on the bank rec screen

Once you've worked through the above checklist, you should be able to re-assign ownership on that property record.

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