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Alto allows you to schedule any of the available reports and have them delivered to you via email at a pre-defined time. 

A report can be delivered to the user creating the Report Schedule (the originating user) and/or multiple users within Alto.

To set up a Report Schedule:

  1. Click Reports on the main toolbar
  2. Select your chosen Reporting Group in the side menu
  3. Click the relevant report under "x Reports"
  4. Configure the report to your needs. You can select from several Report Options under Your Report. The report can be further filtered using the additional tabs under Your Report, such as by branch or user
  5. Click Report Schedule under Your report to expand the section
  6. You can select from several Report Schedule options:
    1. Email Report - Click on the To me tickbox to choose yourself as the recipient.
      Alternatively, click on To Others to select other users instead of (or as well as) yourself.  You can multi-select from a dropdown list of users within your branch that appears in the Users field below
    2. The Format options in which you can view the report are:
      1. .pdf
      2. .html
      3. .csv
      4. Excel
      5. .xml
    3. The Frequency options available which define how often the report is run, are:
      1. Daily - When Daily is selected, you can also select Weekdays Only as well as specify the Start and End date, and the Time to run the report
      2. Weekly - When Weekly is selected, you can choose from a list of days when you want the report event to occur as well as specify the Start and End date, and the Time to run the report
      3. Monthly - When Monthly is selected, you can choose the date of each month or the first/second/third day of each month. Again, you can specify the Start and End date, and the Time to run the report
  7. Click Save these settings

Once the scheduled date and time is met, the report will be delivered as an attachment via email using the format selected in the Format field.


  • You can only schedule a saved report, and a saved report can only have one schedule. For multiple schedules, a new report will need to be generated and the schedule set accordingly
  • When specifying the Start date, it cannot be in the past. The End date has a maximum future value of 5 years
  • If a user is made inactive, any scheduled reports they may have set up will not be processed/delivered

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