HTML letter template guidelines

In our efforts to support you better and reduce the turnaround time to create HTML letter templates for your Alto software, we require several pieces of information to help us speed up this process.

This article includes:

Letter guidelines

  • Specify whether the letter is to be Event driven or Ad hoc
  • If the letter is event driven, please let us know which event in a property’s lifetime it should run at
  • Add details of the recipient
  • In the case of non-standard letters, include an idea/context of what the letter is for (AST’s, Offer Accepted, Property Instructed etc. are standard letters and do not require further explanation)
  • Please be sure there are no errors in the document. We will amend minor spelling mistakes, but we do not edit poor grammar & punctuation, missing words, inconsistent numbering of points and paragraphs etc. 
  • Let us know if you'd like to use a preferred stationary template which exists in Alto, otherwise we will use one we deem most appropriate
  • Is the letter specifically meant for printing or emailing? (Emailed letters will not require a postage address/room for one on the page)
  • Specify whether the letter is meant for a specific branch or any branch
  • Please be sure that example documents you send are editable (e.g. in Microsoft Word format)
  • Please mention if you wish for specific text to remain on a certain page and not run over on to another.  We will always make sure text fits neatly on one page if possible
  • Please send any images you want to appear in a letter as separate files and we will create a new stationary template for that letter to accommodate them.  If the artwork and images you want are complex, this may go to the Design Team and you may be charged. We will discuss this with you beforehand 
  • Does the letter require E-signing functionality? If so, please clearly mark in the doc who will be signing and where 
  • Please make sure any letters you provide are not part of The Lettings Centre notices and agreements as we will not be able to create these for you. We can provide a subscription to the pack if required

E-signing guidelines

  • Witness signatures are not required
  • Are you signing on behalf of the landlord? (Depending on document)
  • The negotiator will require an electronic signature
  • Fill-out all the relevant information before sending a document for E-Sign.  Documents cannot be amended afterwards


If there is a part of the letter where you would like data to be merged from Alto, but there is no merge code for that data, we will fill in that section with CAPITALISED, red text, so the user understands that it requires their attention due to not being auto-populated by the system

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