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Chris Horroll
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This Alto release went live on 12th May 2021.

This article includes:

Property Management Feature Improvements

Improved Santander Multibacs Bacs file format

So that users who bank with Santander will no longer need to edit their Bacs file, we have improved the Santander Multibacs file created by Alto.

  • Header record - field 4 is now populated with the word BACS and today’s date e.g. BACS12052021
  • Payment records:
    • Sort codes and account numbers are preceded with an (apostrophe) if the number begins with 0 (zero)
    • Beneficiary name and Payment Reference - invalid characters are automatically removed and truncated at 35 characters
  • Trailer record - now includes the total value and total number of payments in the file

New Metro Bank import receipts file format

So that Metro Bank customers can import receipts into Alto, we have added a new Metro Bank import receipts file format.

Metro Bank customers can now import a file of bank transactions exported from Metro Bank. Alto will match the imported receipts to outstanding tenancy and contact charges avoiding manual entry to save you time and avoid errors.

Field Column
 Debit Amount  7
 Credit Amount  7
 Date  1
 Payment Type  3
 Description  5
 Note: The first payment row in the file is row 3


The Letting Centre Notices and Agreements

So that subscribers to The Letting Centre notices and agreements remain legally compliant, Alto has been updated with the 2021 version of the documents. The updated documents are accessed from Tools > Letter & Stationery Templates.

Subscribers will receive an email with full details of the changes.

In addition to the annual update from The Lettings Centre, eSignature merge codes have been included in the 2021 version of the documents where possible.
For more information on Using eSignatures with The Letting Centre Forms and Agreements, click here

Your existing 2020 letter templates are accessible for reference purposes from Tools > System Administration > Letter Templates. These documents have a suffix of 2020 and a status of superseded.
If you have copied an original 2020 document, it will not have been updated and will still appear in Tools > Letter & Stationery Templates along with the new 2021 version.


The Letting Centre Notices and Agreements are only available to subscribers. If you do not subscribe and would like to, please request a quote via the Help Centre.

Please see The Letting Centre section of the Help Centre for more information.

Issues Resolved

Dashboard: Review Deals now open Progressions

Further to the deployment of 2021.7, selecting the property link from a Deal Review Task on the Dashboard opened the property sidebar whereas previously it opened the property progression. The behaviour has now been reverted to open the relevant sales or lettings progression as before.

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