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This Alto release went live on 26th May 2021.

This article includes: 

Property Management Feature Improvements

Landlord Statements Documents

To help your landlords understand their statements better and reduce queries, we have made some changes to the Summary section of the statement document.

  • The text Payment Summary has been changed to Summary
  • The text Total Payable has been changed to Payment Amount
  • Negative balances brought forward and carried forward are now in red text
  • The text Total Due has been changed to New Balance
So that the statement remark text isn't lost on the page, it is now highlighted in a box:
Balance from previous statement £100.00
New Balance £-560.17
Balance carried forward £-560.17
Please make payment by bank transfer to Account name: Alto Estate Agents, Sort code:30-30-90, Account number: 01234567


New Yorkshire Bank Bacs file format

To enable Yorkshire Bank Business account holders to make faster payments to their landlords, tenants and suppliers from Alto, we have added a new Yorkshire Bank Bacs file format.  This is a .csv file. Each payment row has the following fields:

Field Column
Client bank Sort Code 1
Client Bank Account Number 2
Client Bank Account Name 3
Contact Payment Reference 4
Contact Bank Account 5
Contact Bank Account Number 6
Payment Amount 7


New Bank of Scotland import receipts file format

So that Bank of Scotland customers can import receipts into Alto, we have added a new Bank of Scotland import receipts file format.  Bank of Scotland customers can now import a file of bank transactions exported from Bank of Scotland. Alto will match the imported receipts to outstanding tenancy and contact charges avoiding manual entry to save you time and avoid errors.

Field Column
Debit Amount 5
Credit Amount 5
Date 1
Payment Type 4
Description 7
Note: The first payment row in the file is row 3


Issues Resolved

Tenancy Deposits Held report

If a tenancy vacate was started and then cancelled, this report was showing an incorrect Deposit Held amount. To enable property managers to accurately report on tenancy deposits held, this issue has been resolved.

Tenancy report

If there is more than one term on a tenancy, the report was showing £0 in the Deposit Held column regardless of the deposit amount held for the tenancy. This issue has now been resolved.

Santander Multibacs file format

The leading apostrophe on the sort code and account number fields (fields 3, 5 and
6) which were causing the .csv file to be rejected have been removed.

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