Upgrade notes Version 2021.14

Chris Horroll
Chris Horroll
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This Alto release went live on 23rd July 2021.

This article includes:

Property Management Feature Improvements

New NatWest Bankline bulk payment file format

To enable NatWest account holders to make bulk payments to their landlords, tenants and suppliers, we have added a new NatWest Bankline ad-hoc bulk payments file format.

Property Management Issues Resolved

Landlord Statements

When previewing or printing a landlord statement, Alto was referring to the configuration of the default payment group for the Show negative balance as due and the Show Arrears options, regardless of which payment group the statement related to. This issue has now been resolved.

Letters on tenancy Timeline

Two problems were identified where tenancy letters were not appearing on the tenancy Timeline.

  1. When a letter was created from a tenancy record, if the tenancy had more than one term, the letter was not appearing on the tenancy Timeline. (The letter appeared on the Property and/or Contact Timeline as normal)
  2. When a letter was created from a property record with the status LET and associated with a tenancy, the letter was only logged in the property Timeline but not the tenancy Timeline


If the letter was created from the tenancy and associated with the property, this did log the letter in both the tenancy and property Timelines

Both of these issues have been resolved.