Upgrade notes Version 2021.29

Chris Horroll
Chris Horroll
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This Alto release went live on 7th October 2021.

This article includes:

Feature Improvements

New Email Template feature

To save time and help ensure your communication to your customers is on brand, you can now select a template to use when sending an ad hoc email.

You can also send an email without creating a template. Alto will give you a default template with headers and footers which you can remove before sending.


If you need more space to view the content area, you can use the accordion on the top left, to minimise the details section


For more information on how to create an ad hoc email template, click here
For more information on using your standard paragraphs in an email template, click here

Property Management Feature Improvements

Maximum Deposit Calculation

So the maximum deposit amount displayed in Alto matches the deposit amount calculated on the TDS and DPS website, we’ve made a small change to the Alto calculation. Where the calculation results in more than 0.5 of a penny above the cap amount, we now round down to the nearest penny.


This improvement will result in the existing deposit amounts on some tenancies being flagged as exceeding the maximum amount by 1p

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