Carrying out your Test Migration Review (TMR)

As part of your Test Migration Review, you’ll have access to a Google drive. In that Google Drive, you’ll find your Onboarding Kick Off slide deck which outlines your journey on to Alto, including Migration, Go live and all processes involved.

There’s also 2 additional documents, your Migration Workbook, and a Migration Queries document.

This article includes: 

Completing the Pre Test Migration Checklist

Your Migration Workbook contains a Pre Test Migration Checklist (Sheet 1). This Checklist must be completed on the day that our Migrations team takes a copy of your data from your existing CRM and migrates it into a test Alto environment.

The Pre Test Migration Checklist asks you to record numbers from your current CRM within the Source Data Values field, such as

  • Number of Properties (at different statuses)
  • Number of Applicants
  • Number of Contacts/Third Parties/Suppliers
  • Number of Tenancies (at different statuses) 
  • Diary appointments

Completing the Checklist will enable your data to be mapped, and once complete, our Migration Analyst will carry out a Test Migration where the mapped data will be migrated into the Alto database.

Our Migration Analyst can then use the checklist and complete the Alto Quantities column, to review whether your data has been mapped successfully into the test Alto account. Whilst the accuracy of the data is scrutinised, any incorrect or missing data can also be recorded, prior to further data checks.

Migration Workbook Sheet 1 - Pre Test Migration Checklist

Reviewing your data

Your Onboarding Coordinator will arrange for either the Migration Analyst or a Software Trainer to contact you, to outline the structure of the Test Migration Review. This will be done with TeamViewer, or other video conferencing applications, allowing us to work with you during the initial review process.  

Your Onboarding Coordinator will also provide you with login details for the Alto test environment, enabling you to review the data.

Working with one of our Alto experts, they will walk you through the initial process of reviewing the data in the test environment, and how to complete the Test Migration Workbook, which helps you validate that the test migration from your incumbent CRM to Alto was mapped correctly. They will also answer any questions or concerns you may have. 

After the session with the Migration Analyst or Software Trainer, you will be advised to work through your Test Migration Workbook across the various sheets and records, utilising Alto in app guidance, to validate that the test migration from your incumbent CRM to Alto has been mapped correctly.

Alto in app guidance for your Test Migration Review

We suggest that you review the total number of Properties, Contacts, and Tenancies in Alto, as well as reviewing details for 10 Properties, Contacts, Tenancies and Progressions, and 5 Diary entries. (Based on Sales & Lettings)

It's also a chance for you to confirm that you're happy with the the accuracy of the data imported, and to identify any incorrect or missing data should there be any, ahead of the final data migration.

Migration Workbook Sheet 2 - Status/Properties - 1 Available Property record completed  

Once you’ve completed all the column fields for a record, if there are discrepancies, you can add a reference number, and provide examples of what’s incorrect. This feeds into the other document on the Google drive, the Migration Queries document, which is used to log any issues that you find. Here, you can detail if you’ve found a problem, what that problem is, provide images and examples, and the Migration Analyst can investigate it as soon as possible.

If any discrepancies are reported, we will make those changes where possible, and present the updated data in your test system for you to review again, or continue reviewing where you left off.

The below video outlines how to complete your Migration Workbook and Migration Queries document:


Test Migration Review Sign Off

Once you have completed the Test Migration Workbook, you will sign off that the data has been mapped and tested correctly, as well as confirming that all queries have been completed.

Migration Workbook - Sign off sheet  

We will then arrange a date and time for the full and final extract of data from your existing CRM to be transferred to Alto. A member of the Migrations team will monitor the migration as it runs throughout the day and advise you as soon as this process has completed.


  • When the final data migration is completed, your Alto database becomes live, and the migrated data held within the database cannot be wiped or overridden
  • No re-migration can occur, as any new data imported into the live database, rather than overriding the current data, would create duplicates of every single record on your system

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