Clearing a duplicate sales progression/offer/pending sale

Occasionally you may notice that within Progressions, a property has two progressions. This is usually due to an offer being made and accepted twice.

By following the steps below, you can clear any duplicate sales progressions or offers, as well as clear duplicated Pending Deals (sales) from the Main Dashboard.

To clear the duplicate:

  1. Click Progressions on the main toolbar
  2. Click All Sales on the side menu
  3. Look at both progressions and decide which you would like to clear. The duplicate will usually have 0% completion of the Progress milestones
  4. Click the relevant progression from the list that you'd like to clear
  5. Click Actions
  6. In the dropdown menu, click Contract Race Lost (using this option does not affect the status of the property). If you can only see Revert status to In Progress, choose this option and Save, then go back to step 5
  7. The Contract Race Lost window opens. Within Notes, add a note to state this is to clear a duplicate progression
  8. Click Save

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