Adding bank details for the agency bank account

Adding your agency bank account details to Alto are a requirement in order for you to Process Agency Fees via BACS.


You will need access to System Administration, to edit your default settings. Your appointed Group Administrator will have access to these permissions

  1. Click Tools on the main toolbar
  2. Click System Administration on the side menu
  3. Click Agency Bank Accounts
    1. If the required Sort Code is listed, please continue to step 4
    2. If the required Sort Code is not listed, click Show All then continue to step 4, OR, click Add Bank Branch
      1. In Bank Name, select the correct Bank from the dropdown menu
      2. In Bank Branch Name, type the branch name
      3. Type the Sort Code for the branch into each field
      4. Type the Postcode for the Branch then add the Name/Number or Enter Manually
      5. Click Create
  4. Click Add Account in the first column
    1. In Client Account Number, type in the Account Number of the bank account
    2. In Client Account Name, type in the name of the account
    3. In Description, type the building name to which the account applies (e.g. Office Account)
    4. Scroll down and click Create
  5. Return to System Administration on the side menu and click Client Bank Accounts
  6. Click the middle Edit against your Client Account
  7. Scroll down to Agency Bank Account and select your newly added Agency Bank from the dropdown menu
  8. Click Save

Once you have completed these steps, refresh Alto, and you will be able to pay the Agency Fees via BACS.

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