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Wherever you advertise properties, you’ll need to redirect the feeds to Alto.

Now your Alto account is active and your properties are ready for portal upload, you’re ready to switch your portal feeds.

Confirm your portal switch over with the marketing portals

Prior to migrating to Alto, you should’ve contacted all of the marketing portals you work with to make them aware of your planned move to Alto.

Now that the move has happened and your properties are ready for portal upload and have all their associated media loaded against them, you can contact your marketing portals once more to request that the datafeed can now be switched to feed from Alto.

In addition to contacting your marketing portals, you should also once more contact the Alto Support team to confirm your authorisation for activating the portal feeds, and if possible, let them know the activation timeframe. Click here to Submit a request to the Alto Support team, and complete the contact form.

Confirm your own website is ready to accept the new feed

If you used to upload properties to your own website from Jupix, it’s likely that your website team will need to make some changes to accept the feed from Alto.

Your website team should've started this process ahead of the migration, making use of the Client Feed API User Guide. This gives them the information they need to ensure your properties can be uploaded from Alto.

Set your web address and web link for mailshots

With your feed set up and properties uploading to your website, you might want to consider setting the branch Web Address in Alto with that of your website's property listings page, as well as setting the preferred web link for individual properties.

This article includes: 

Setting your branch Web Address


You will need access to System Administration, to edit your default settings. Your appointed Group Administrator will have access to these permissions

Within the System Administration section of Alto, there's a field titled Web Address which by default is blank. You can set that as the URL of your website's property listings page, or any overarching page on your website where all your available properties display.

One of the key areas where the Web Address is visible is within your emails. The two most likely instances of it being surfaced are:

  • Within your email header/footer whenever you send any outbound property emails from Alto - If you were to send out either a property web style list or a property brochure via email to a contact such as an applicant, the Web Address is listed with your branch and negotiator details
  • Within your email template body - If your email template has a text area linking to all your properties, similar to “Click Here to see all our available properties”, when the applicant, or any contact, clicks on the link, it’ll load your specified Web Address

To set your branch Web Address:

  1. Click Tools on the main toolbar
  2. In the dropdown menu, click Templates and admin
  3. On the side menu, under System Tools, click System Administration
  4. Click Branches
  5. Click Edit next to the relevant branch
  6. Scroll down to Web Address and enter the URL of your website's property listings page
  7. Click Save

Setting a web link for individual properties

Each property record has a field titled Our Link which is blank by default. For any marketed property, this is where you can set your own preferred web link for that individual property. This is commonly the property listing page itself on your website, or on a portal.

Whenever you send any outbound property emails from Alto such as a property web style list to a contact such as an applicant, when they click on the individual property, it’ll load your preferred web link.


It’s not a requirement that you enter a web link in to the Our Link field as even blank, Alto automatically creates its own property listing page. The advantage of entering your own link is increased functionality all while being in your own branding and enticing traffic on to your own website

If you do want to add individual web links to each property record, the easiest way to do this is to use Step-Through mode.

Step-Through mode allows you to toggle your groups between the usual "List View" and "Step-Through mode", allowing you to view the details of each record and navigate through the list.
For more information on Step-Through records, click here

  1. With the property record open, click Property on the side menu
  2. Click the Marketing top tab
  3. Enter your own preferred web link for that individual property in the Our Link field
  4. Click Save

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