Set properties for portal upload


To prepare your properties ready for portal upload, there’s a field on each individual property record titled Publish to Web that needs to be ticked.

You should ensure that this field, along with certain others, are ticked/completed as the information contained in them will upload to the portals and your website once you confirm the portal feed switch over.

The easiest way to navigate through your property records ensuring this field is ticked, is to use "Step-Through mode". This mode allows you to toggle your groups between the usual "List View" and "Step-Through mode", which allows you to view the details of each record and navigate through the list.

To use Step-Through mode for your property records:

  1. Click Properties on the main toolbar
  2. Click Groups in the top left
  3. Click the relevant groups on the side menu, i.e. the For Sale/For Rent groups as they contain Available properties
  4. A toggle appears alongside the group name. Slide the toggle On
  5. The Pin These Properties For Later window opens. Click Yes to pin the records. This ensures:
    1. The exact list of records will be saved until you later decide to unpin or update the group
    2. Alto remembers your current position in the list, including the tab you were reviewing
    3. The description and the pin will be visible against your match group. This helps you remember your original intention between logins
    4. Alto retains the tab that you have visible, rather than returning you to the Overview each time you step to another record
  6. Whilst in Step-Through mode, you can click <, Prev, Next and > to navigate through the records
    For more information on Step-Through records, click here

With each property record open, you can now check the Publish to Web field is ticked.
At the same time, you might want to check the additional fields listed here that also upload to the portals and your website, are completed as well.

As a reminder, properties will not upload to the portals unless they are set as the Available status (visible on the Overview) and the Publish to Web tickbox has been ticked.

  1. With the property record open, click Property on the side menu
  2. Click the Marketing top tab
  3. Tick Publish to Web if it isn’t already
  4. Click Save

Once ticked, you'll see an entry appear in the property Timeline to say if it's been successful.

Once you’ve navigated through your property records, ensuring at a minimum, Publish to Web is ticked, you’re now in a position to confirm the portal feed switch over with the marketing portals.

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