You can customise and update your settings from one central place in Alto.

Your appointed office Group Administrator will have access to these settings within System Administration, which is accessed via Tools on the main toolbar. From here, you're able to manage your staff members logins, edit your branch settings and edit your default settings, amongst many others.

The System Administration settings are broken down into several categories, the most commonly used are outlined below:

  • Group Roles - Roles control user access to certain parts of the software, and this is where roles can be accessed, defined and amended that affect all branches and all users
    For more information on Roles, Reports, Permissions & Access, click here
  • Reports - Whilst all users can access the reports within Alto, this area lets you set which reports are Active and visible, as well as set Report Tokens. Report Tokens can be set so only specific users can use the reports
    For more information on Report tokens, click here
  • Group Users - This is where individual user details, roles and permissions can be accessed and amended. For example, changing a users Login Name email address or adding a users physical signature to a template
    For more information on Roles, Reports, Permissions & Access, click here
  • Brands - If your agency operates under different brands, the details of each can be amended here. It's also where the Media Items section lives. This is where you can store your varying brands imagery to use for marketing, letters, brochures and other templates
  • Companies - This is where you can add or amend company details such as your VAT Registration Number or set Invoice Due Days
  • Branches - This is where you can add or amend your branch details, and subsequently the vast majority of your branch settings you'll likely want to configure are here. Settings such as your contact details, reminders and follow ups, default templates, default fee settings are all configured here
  • Client Bank Accounts - From here, you can create additional bank accounts for your branches. These bank accounts can also be used for custodial deposits or deposit accounts for DPS, TDS as well as other schemes
  • Agency Bank Accounts - This is where you can add your agency bank account details. This is a requirement in order for you to Process Agency Fees via BACS
  • Group Settings - Any changes to Group Settings will affect all branches and all users. This is where you'll look to set General Settings, GDPR Settings and upload Media Items (images to use for marketing, letters, brochures and other templates)
    For more information on Setting up default settings in Group Settings, click here

The System Tools section of the Help Centre contains articles in order of the System Administration categories. Whilst we'll guide you on the most important areas to look at as part of your post migration tasks, we advise you take a look through these articles, making any additions or changes that suit your branch needs. 

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