Property Management/Accounts tasks

Chris Horroll
Chris Horroll
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Property Management

To ensure you're set up for effective Property Management within Alto, you’ll need to ensure your records are set up correctly.

  • Properties with offers
    • Properties in Jupix with open tenancy Applications which are at a status of Offer Pending will migrate as File notes and Offers on the relevant property records Timeline in Alto. Only once an application progresses to a proposed tenancy (or more) will it migrate to Alto as an Active tenancy.
      To resolve this in Alto:

      1. Click Properties on the main toolbar
      2. Select the relevant property from Recent & Favourite Properties
        1.  Alternatively, find the property using the Search Properties bar in the top right
      3. Click Timeline on the side menu
      4. Click the relevant open Offer entry
      5. Click Accept Offer
  • Tenancy renewals/vacates
    • Tenancies that are renewing or ending in Jupix will need to be restarted in Alto
      For more information on Renewing or editing a tenancy, click here
      For more information on Progressing a tenancy renewal, click here
      For more information on Vacating a tenancy, click here
      For more information on Progressing a vacating tenancy, click here

If you would like to, you can add the following optional information to your records:

  • Add utility providers to all properties
    For more information on Adding utility companies to a property, click here
  • Add supplier types to all supplier records (i.e. plumber, maintenance, electrician, builder etc)
  • Add property/landlord preferred supplier notes
    For more information on Adding a preferred supplier, click here
    For more information on Adding preferred suppliers to a landlord, click here


For Accounts functionality within Alto, you’ll need to add Opening Balances. These are the breakdown of ALL the monies you hold in your client account and, if applicable, deposit account. These will need adding into Alto to give you starting balances which reconcile precisely with these accounts.

One of your Pre-Migration Tasks was to Plan your Accounts start date and data, which outlined closing down your Jupix accounts to establish your closing balance, clearing down your client account to its lowest possible balance, as well as running Jupix reports, in preparation for adding your Opening Balances to Landlord, Property, Tenancy and Supplier records.

Now that you've migrated to Alto and you've run the Jupix reports, you can start setting up your default settings and entering your Opening Balances.
For more information on Getting started entering your opening balances, click here

 Did you know...

Once you've completed all of the Post-Migration Tasks and are fully live with Alto, you will be sent an invitation to book instructor led training with one of our expert software trainers.

We offer advanced and bespoke custom training covering all aspects of Alto - the details of which can be found here alongside booking links.