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When you migrate from Jupix to Alto, you'll use our new self serve migration portal which offers a new-and improved migration experience.

We've compiled a list of frequently asked questions below that should hopefully answer any queries you have as you progress through your migration.

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My login isn't working

If you've received the login email to Start your Alto journey but are unable to log in, in the first instance, please ensure that you click Create new account and follow the steps. Once you've done so, all future login attempts with your Email address and Password should prove successful.


On the off chance you're still unable to login after following the Create new account steps, click Help in the bottom corner to contact Support and we will assist you.

I haven't received my password reset email 

If you've requested to reset your password and you haven't received the password reset email to your registered email address, we advise you check your email providers spam/junk folder in the first instance to see if the email is there.

We would also advise that you whitelist our email sender addresses to have a better chance of receiving our emails. Whitelisting is the practice of adding an email address to an approved sender list, so emails from that sender are never moved to the spam/junk folder.
For more information on how to whitelist Alto emails, click here

If after the above the password reset email still hasn't hit your inbox, click Help in the bottom corner to contact Support and we will assist you.

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