Review and sign contract FAQs

Chris Horroll
Chris Horroll
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When you migrate from Jupix to Alto, you'll use our new self serve migration portal which offers a new-and improved migration experience.

We've compiled a list of frequently asked questions below that should hopefully answer any queries you have as you progress through your migration.

This article includes:

Why have I got all these postcode licenses?

These are the amount of postcode licences we believe you currently need as each user will need one postcode licence each.

If you believe these aren't correct, or, if you have further queries regarding this, click Help in the bottom corner to contact Support and we will assist you.

The Total monthly fee is different to what we are paying?

We advise that you consider how many full Accounts licences you are using in Jupix against how many you are actually paying for. If you are using more, these costs will be reflected in the Total monthly fee amount moving forwards. As such, you may want to reduce the number of Accounts licences used. To do this, click Help in the bottom corner to contact Support and we will assist you.

When will my first and ongoing billing date be and can I change it?

The contract start date (billing date) is the date of your Alto activation.

Billing is scheduled for the 1st of every month - with the exception that, if your go live date falls in the second half of the month i.e. 26th August, the ongoing billing date would be 1st of the following month i.e. 1st October.

As we bill all customers on the same day each month, unfortunately we cannot amend your billing date.

Once I sign the contract, what happens next?

Once you click Sign your Contract, you will go on to Secure your data migration date. This is where you select the date for us to start transferring your data from Jupix to Alto. The process will usually take 24 hours, and once complete, you'll receive an email with your Alto login details.

Once you have used the calendar to select your chosen migration date, you'll move to the 'Progress Tracker' and be able to track your migration from there.

The e-sign page isn't working?

If you're experiencing difficulties using the e-sign page, please close the e-sign document window and re-open it.

If you encounter further difficulties, click Help in the bottom corner to contact Support and we will assist you.