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When you migrate from Jupix to Alto, you'll use our new self serve migration portal which offers a new-and improved migration experience.

We've compiled a list of frequently asked questions below that should hopefully answer any queries you have as you progress through your migration.

This article includes:

How do I plan my Accounts Opening Balances?

Opening Balances are the breakdown of ALL the monies you hold in your client account and, if applicable, deposit account. These will need adding into Alto to give you starting balances which reconcile precisely with these accounts.

One of your 'Pre-Migration Tasks' is to plan your Accounts start date and data. This is where you prepare some information from Jupix for when you are ready to start using the Alto Accounts functionality.

In preparation for adding your Opening Balances to Landlord, Property, Tenancy and Supplier records, you will need to:

  1. Choose a date shortly after your migration to close down your Jupix accounts to establish what your closing balance is
  2. Clear down your client account to its lowest possible balance to reduce the number of entries that you need to manually add into Alto
  3. Run Jupix reports in advance of using the Alto Accounts functionality

For more information on running Jupix reports in advance of using the Alto Accounts functionality, click here
For more information on Getting started entering your opening balances, click here

Can I add my agency account?

Once you're up and running with Alto, you're able to add bank details for your agency bank account.
For more information on how to do this, click here.

What are BACS payments​ and what format do I need?

BACS payments allow a file to be created within Alto which can be saved locally, and then be uploaded to your bank. Your bank will draw information from the uploaded file such as the Payee Name, Sort Code and Account Number, Payment Reference and Amount Payable. This will then transfer the payments for you with the clearance days agreed by your bank.

Alto contains a list of available file formats. Your bank will be able to advise you which BACS file format they require.
For more information on setting up BACS against your client account and making payments, click here.

Is there a charge for changing my website feed/api?

With Alto we include one free API feed. Therefore, a changeover of your website is not chargeable from an Alto perspective.

I have commercial properties - Will these be migrated?

Although Alto deals with commercial properties in a different manner to Jupix, the commercial properties will still be migrated over as commercial records. However, it's likely they'll sit within a commercial branch and be separate to your residential data.

How long will I continue to have access to Jupix for?

You will be able to retain access to Jupix for 30 days from the date of migration.

We cannot retain your data on the Jupix system for a period longer than 30 days from termination of the contract because, as a data processor of your data, we are obliged to comply with UK data protection laws which includes Principle (e) and Article 28 of the UK General Data Protection Regulation ("GDPR"). Pursuant to GDPR, Jupix Ltd ("Jupix") is obliged to: (i) adhere to the principle of "Storage Limitation"; and (ii) on termination of a contract we must return or delete all personal data (uploaded by the Client to their account) to the Client within a reasonable time frame. This means that we can only retain personal data for as long as it is required to provide the services to the Client and then to return it to them after termination - once a contract has terminated, Jupix no longer has a lawful basis to retain this data and we must action its return or deletion onto the Client's systems or a new provider's systems i.e. Alto. Accordingly, the Jupix Terms and Conditions (clause 13.4(c)) requires that following termination of the contract, Jupix is obligated to action the return or deletion of the data and we must do this within a relatively short period of time (ICO guidance is clear this should be weeks or months, not longer). In addition, as data controllers, our Clients are also subject to the above requirements and GDPR requires that data controllers must have a valid and binding contract in place with its data processors - clearly this is not the case after the Jupix agreement has terminated so by continuing to grant access to Jupix for a prolonged period runs the risk of our Clients breaching the Storage Limitation principle and Article 28 requirements.

To clarify, the Jupix and Alto systems are owned by different legal entities and the data uploaded to each of these platforms is stored on different servers meaning they are each independent data processors and so the fact they are part of the same Group does not get round the GDPR requirements listed above.

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