How are brochures and window cards populated?

Chris Horroll
Chris Horroll
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If you have recently received your newly created (publisher/letter & stationery) templates in Alto, you may need some further guidance on how they are populated, to better understand where the data comes from and where it will typically appear on a brochure or window card.

Our standard set of pre-designed templates will all contain the same merge codes by default. The following .pdf document demonstrates where each piece of information will typically merge in from.

Default merged data on a typical Alto template
(Whilst the design of the example template used may be different to your own, the merge codes used throughout all of our designs are generally the same)

Where you see the following information displayed within the above file, it relates to the area in Alto it will be located (Street > Property Section > Property Tab > Address)



If you have a set of our standard pre-designed templates, but have requested changes to their merge codes, your own templates may differ from the above .pdf document. Please refer back to the communication held with the designer to understand where it differs and in what way

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