Activating eSigning

PropertyFile allows you to send your contracts and documents to be eSigned, direct from your Alto software.

If you have yet to activate PropertyFile for your agency, you can find instructions on how to do so here Activating PropertyFile

If you are already using PropertyFile, all you need to do is turn on the eSigning module.  Clicking in to Tools in the top right hand corner of your Alto screen (1), you can select PropertyFile from the System Tools menu on the left hand side (2). You’ve got your number of branches active in PropertyFile here (3), along with your PropertyFile domain name (4). Clicking the pencil icon on the far right (5) launches your PropertyFile Admin Configuration page in a new tab on Google Chrome. 

Clicking the Manage Modules button on the left hand menu (1) will show you which modules you already have activated, and you’ll see the option for eSigning below (2). Click to switch the button to on, then click Save and then click Confirm. 

Now that you’ve activated the eSigning module in your PropertyFile, you need to look at some of the configuration options.

Click in to Notification Settings from the left hand menu (1). On the eSigning row, you’ll see you have the option to send a notification email either to the negotiator who sent each document for eSigning (2), or to a specified email address every time (3). If the member of staff who originally sends a document for eSigning will be the person who is responsible for ensuring the document is fully signed, tick the Sender box. If you’d like a designated member of staff to oversee all documents which are sent for eSigning, tick the Custom box. You’ll then be presented with this free type box, where you should enter the email address to which you’d like all notifications sent. You can list multiple emails addresses here by separating each email address with a comma. When you’re happy with the selection you’ve made, click Save and then click Confirm. 

That’s all of the configuration you need to do in PropertyFile, so you can close the tab down, and go back in to  Alto.


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